Go Retweet yourself and 3 other Twitter changes to be aware of


Our favorite 140 character Twitter is undergoing some changes which we will love and can’t wait to see in the wild. These changed were recently announced and already one feature has made its way off the development table and into the real-world.

4 Twitter changes that will change how we Tweet:

1. Go Retweet yourself –

Previously if you wanted to re-share your Tweeted spark of genius, then you had to copy the info in the tweet and paste it into a new tweet. This is no longer the case. Twitter has enabled the option for you to Retweet yourself and share (again) with the world the message that was so obviously missed and needed another shot at fame !

2. Images don’t count –

We are precious about our 140 characters and while we love being able to add video and images to our tweets, the media  takes away characters. Soon this will change. New Twitter will no longer count Media (images, video, polls and Quoted Tweets) as part of our character limit.

3. Reply to Tweets –

When you want to engage in conversation and reply to a tweet, that automatically inserted the username of the person who you are replying to. That ate into your 140-characters. New Twitter will no longer count the Reply Username/ Handle as part of the 140 character count.

4. .@  –

When replying to a Tweet, only the people who follow you AND the person you reply to, will be able to see the conversation. To get around this, and spread the reply more broadly, the work-around is to reply to a tweet but add a full-stop/ period before the @ sign. This little trick ensures that everyone could see the reply. New Twitter will allow anyone in your timeline to see your reply regardless if they follow the person you  are replying to.

So all these changes are highly exciting and will continue to extend the usefulness of the platform …

now if only we can have an EDIT button as that is the one feature we all really need and want…

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