Pokemon GO is a NO GO and the info parents need to know

Pokemon GO is a NO GO and the info parents need to know

Nintendo’s new smart phone app Pokémon GO has launched in the USA, Australia and New Zealand and it seems million of fans have jumped onto the game as its heads to the top of the App Play Stores.

The game, made by Niantic Labs, is an Augmented reality game where players are able to collect, train, and battle Pokémons in the real world using their smartphones. Players use the app to find nearby Pokémons as they level up the game unlocks more features.

The two day old launch had also come with some severe issues as users often find that they cant access the game.

Users of the game are also complaining that Pokémon GO is a battery killer. This makes sense at the game uses the items that put the most drain on the battery: the GPS, Camera, and Screen being constantly on.

Niantic Labs are said to be working on these issues which is why I assume they stopped rolling out the game in more countries.

I took my local Pokémon experts out to test the game. What is Pokemon? What is Pokemon GO? here  are the answers you need to know:

The game is free however there are in-app purchases so if your kids are playing, make sure you remind them not to spend any money without checking with you (and your credit card) first !

I love the way that Nintendo has pushed the envelop with this game moving away from the Nintendo gaming consoles and onto the smartphones. This not only exposes the game to a much wider audience but also plays right into the fans hands who have their phone with them at all times.

This is a great case for Augmented Realty and how you can mix the real world with fantasy game play. I am sure we will see more of these in the future…if only the battery issues can be resolved.

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

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