Pack Up + Go does NOT allow customers to choose their vacation destination and people are freaking out!

Vacations are awesome!

We all love to get away from it all and experience a new pace and a change of scenary for a couple of days before heading back to our regular lives and routines. While we really enjoy the time away, planning the vacation is never simple. Deciding on the type of vacation: sea or mountains? city or countryside? water skiing or snow skiing? and then there is the constant TripAdvisor-hotel-review reading while frantically Googling “Things to do” in the area…its exhausting!

Introducing Pack Up + Go, where your vacation destination is a surprise!

How Pack Up + Go works?

Unlike other travel sites or travel agent, with Pack Up + Go you don’t get to decide where you are going to go. Pack Up + Go creates 3-day vacations where you only get to select your budget per person, a date, and some traveler preferences. The rest is in their hands and you do nothing but wait…

7 days before your departure date, you receive an email which contains the following info:

  • The weather forecast for your mystery destination
  • Recommended items to pack (a bathing suit, hiking boots)
  • Any luggage size restrictions
  • Where to go and when (Grand Central Station, Friday at 10:30 AM!)

Several days before your trip, an envelope will arrive with strict instructions not to open it until the travel date. On the travel date, you rip open your envelope and it will contain directions to your accommodation, travel info, and a list of curated “Things to do” such as restaurants, cafes, nightlife and even rainy day activities.

It’s not 100% random

Don’t worry -they don’t pick a destination out of a hat. The mystery destination will fall in line with your preferences. If you choose a relaxing vacation, you won’t be sent on 10mile hikes. If you are a 5-star-fine-dining-wine-drinking kinda person, they won’t send you a hostel where you eat from a food truck (unless you want to so make sure you tick those boxes int eh survey!)

The mystery destination will fall in line with the answers you provide to the travel survey. If you ticked the box for a relaxing vacation, you won’t be sent on 10mile hikes. If you are a 5-star fine-dining wine-drinking kinda person, they won’t send you a hostel where you eat from a food truck (unless you want to so make sure you tick those boxes in the survey!)

Each vacation is tailored to your preferences.

Anyone Can Travel

Pack Up + Go caters for different types of travelers. If you are solo traveler this could be a fun way to explore, or if you are a family with kids, they can create a vacation for your family too. If you are a group of friends from around the country, you can all meet on the same mystery vacation.  You can choose to road-trip or Bus/Train/Plane too and changes the budget.

The service is only available in the USA, so no cross-border, international passports kind of trips.

So in Summary:

I like to know everything. I am a planner and a researcher and frankly, this kind of service scares me. HOWEVER, it can be fun. Some of the family’s best vacations have been last minute road trips…

In my youth (can’t believe I even wrote that….oi) my wife and I did a 34 day Contiki tour of Europe. Everything was arranged by the tour operator and all we did was show up, get on the bus and had the most amazing time. The Pack Up + Go service is the same – so maybe it’s time to throw some mystery into the next vacation?

If I do take this step, I will report back on the journey – could be fun! <gulp!>

Any other control freaks like me? How adventurous are you when it comes to your vacation? Would you do this?  let me know…


  1. I am a total planner, researcher, reviewer… and I have done Pack Up +Go twice, solo! It’s a great option as a solo traveler to have someone plan activities and provide ideas on where to go and things to do. Also, it’s a really good ice breaker to meet people while travelling solo!
    I have really enjoyed both times and both times I requested something a little extra as far as an activity. I went to the ballet and to the theater. One of the places I was sent to I am actually re-visiting next week because I loved it so much. Take a chance, jump in and let Pack Up + Go plan your next trip. You won’t regret it and you’ll have a great story to tell!

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