Now everyone can smarten up their home at touch of a button with Hive

Now everyone can smarten up their home at touch of a button with Hive

Now everyone can smarten up their home at touch of a button.

Its 6.30am. The alarm goes off. I stumble half-awake with my eyes half open as soft light switches on and the kettle starts to boil. As I make my way to the kitchen, the TV switched on with the morning news. Time to start the day.

The is not the house of the future. That is the house of right now thanks to the Hive Welcome Home Plan!

What is Hive?

Why should only tech nerds and multi-millionaires have access to a smart home? Hive agrees and has built a set of devices that allows anyone to have a smart home. Everyone should have the ability to automate their lives so they can focus on priorities without having the “But honey, I told YOU to switch off the air conditioner now we are wasting money during the 3 weeks when we are on our vacation…”

In a nutshell, the Hive Welcome Home Plan lets you adjust your heating and cooling, lights and appliances from wherever you happen to be in the world. All you need is a home internet connection and your phone needs to have internet access with the Hive App.

How does it all work?

This is a complete DIY system and doesn’t require an IT degree nor do you need to call your neighbor’s 12-year old to help you. You simply buy one of the Hive Welcome Home Plans which contains everything you need to smarten up your home in one complete package.

The entire system is wireless which means that you can retrofit the system to your existing home without tearing up walls. That is a massive WIN. There is also a Hive technical support team on standby in the unlikely event of you getting stuck.

What does what?

It starts with the Hive Hub. This is a box that plugs into your router (the thingie that gives your home internet access). This box is the nerve-center and controls all the other devices. Just plug it into the wall, connect the network cable to your router and that’s it.

Now install the Hive App from the store and simply follow the prompt.

  • Hive Active Thermostat does exactly that – it connects to your AC unit for heating and cooling via its cool interface or via the app.
  • Hive ActiveLight switched lights on and off and can be set on a schedule. It can be dimmed too, changing the light from warm to cool white.
  • Hive Active Plug turns any electrical outlet into a smart one. Anything that connects to the outlet is now controllable from the app.
  • Hive Sensors are wireless sensors that can be attached to a door or a window. Should the sensors be activated, it will send an alert to your phone. Think security.
  • Hive Motion Sensor is also a sensor that lets you know when there is movement in a room, but can also be linked to an action such as switching on the ActiveLight or activating the Active Plug.

Why will you love your new smart home?

Usually, with tech, you need to change your life to suit it, but not with the Hive.

The app is simple. Everything is just a tap away to switch things on and off but where it really shines is how you can integrate Hive sensors together.  Do you want to switch on the TV, while the kettle boils as you walk to the kitchen? Done. You want to be notified when someone drives up your driveway and switch the light on at the same time? – DONE. Do you want to switch off the air-conditioner while you are away with the family in California? Done.

Hive is affordable, has low monthly subscription rates, is easy to install and setup and makes your life easier. Now that is Smart tech we all need.

For more information check out Hive’s website


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Hive. The opinions and text are all mine.

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