Instant movies and TV series with MTN FrontRow Video on Demand service

Instant movies and TV series with MTN FrontRow Video on Demand service

Instant movies and TV series with MTN FrontRow Video on Demand service

In the generation of “instant gratification” the notion  of having to wait for our favourite movie or the latest episode of Orange if the New Black to be aired on TV is simply frustrating. The VCR (way back then) allowed us to set a timer to record and watch the show when it was more convenient. Today, we would “PVR” the show and then watch it. Whilst this is better it still leave us waiting. Waiting for the show to come up  so we can record it.

Enter: Vide on Demand (VOD) which is finally making headway in South Africa.

Video on Demand is, as the name suggests, being able to watch a video whenever you want to. Simply select the move, press “play” and it starts. You can binge-watch entire seasons of TV too rather than waiting for a week for the next episode.

The latest player to enter into the VOD scene is MTN with their FrontRow offering.


FrontRow allows its subscribers to stream blockbuster movies and TV series on up to 5 different devices (but not at the same time).  Therefore you can start watching a movie on your laptop and continue to watch it on your mobile phone and then on the tablet.

The services is not restricted to MTN customers either and is open to all and works on Android and iOS devices.

The price is set at R179 with no data or R399 per month which includes a 10GB data bundle for streaming and viewing. If you are an MTN customer the system is able to separate streaming FrontRow video  data from other data so that you use the 10GB only on FrontRow.

What makes MTN’s offering unique is that it has a video music video catalogue that is updated month on month and most importantly it has secured a deal with from 6 studios for their content compared with others that only have one source. Therefore, MTN FrontRow will have exclusive content not seen on other VOD system nor on TV.

Larry Annetts, Chief Marketing Officer explains that “Another key differentiator is our competitive subscription pricing which comes inclusive with 10GB of data bundles. MTN has introduced special data streaming bundles to ensure that its customers can top up data at affordable rates when they have run out,”

Users are also able to rent the latest movies at  R27  and catalogue (older titles) are priced at R15.


*Headline image and video shot by Rite Studios

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