Instagram Stories is smart for four reasons

Instagram Stories is smart for four reasons


Instagram has just announced that over the next couple of weeks, Instagram Stories will be rolling out to its user base of more than 300 million daily active users.




Instagram Stories will allow you to post your pics and video however instead of these landing up in your  Instagram Grid, these will disappear in 24 hours –  very much like Snapchat does.

Even with the large user base, people who post on Instagram tend to only post the best of their pics and so each profile is full of mostly perfectly edited and curated images. Instagram Stories will give creators the ability to be not so picky and rather upload and share more of their real daily life and not only upload when it’s the perfect image – very much like Snapchat does.

Instagram Stories will also allow creators to add their personality to the images buy drawing on them, adding captions, adding emojis before the pics are added to your storyline – very much like Snapchat does.

With Instagram Stories you will be able to control who can see your stories. By default it’s the people who follow you however you can block people too – very much like Snapchat does.

Four smart Instagram Stories:

Keeping Stories inside Instagram is smart move for these reasons:

1. Not App – We don’t need yet another app to rival yet another program. Out phones are filling up with useless apps which all shout for our attention with beeps and notifications. Great move of integrating Stories inside a well established app.

2. Community – By keeping Instagram Stories inside Instagram, it means that we don’t have to start building yet another community of followers like we had to with Snapchat (and others).

3. For Adults – Brands are already familiar with Instagram and now Stories is an additional feature that even though is exactly like Snapchat, there is a feeling that grown ups should be using it.

4. No Clutter – Stories are top of the Instagram feed which means they are visible enough to be instantly available as you access your Instagram account but they don’t clutter the app’s usage. So if you chose not to use Stories, or watch anyone else’s stories, you can just use Instagram as you did previously.

So yes, Instagram Stories is a copy of Snapchat and but Instagram users are excited and especially those who didn’t really get the whole Snapchat thing.  Now if Instagram would make available the Stats, Views, Numbers and all that stuff that brands and creators want but can’t get out of Snapchat, that would really make Instagram Stories attractive to those who care… those that don’t, will continue to use Instagram as before.

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