How will Samsung Galaxy S9 fare as a premium smartphone?

How will Samsung Galaxy S9 fare as a premium smartphone?

If there is one phone that has us non-iPhone salivating it’s the Samsung Galaxy S9 which was announced at Mobile World Congress.

The camera, the specs, the phone all scream  PREMIUM but there is stiff competition from Apple’s iPhone X and Google’s highly anticipated Pixel 3 which could account for the initial pre-order interest being lower than Samsung initially forecast.

It’s also interesting to note that distributors around the world are also offering the Galaxy S9 at competitive prices, with a number of cheap Fonehouse contracts revolving around Samsung’s latest offering.

What is the Samsung Galaxy S9 fuss all about?

Let’s start with a basic assertion; the Galaxy S9 boasts a truly impressive hardware and software combination. It certainly represents an upgrade on the popular S8 range, particularly in terms of the display, the camera and the overall processing power.

Both the S9 and the S9+ feature bright Super Amoled displays, with a superb screen resolution and an upgraded iteration of Bixby with built-in support for augmented reality. The upgraded, 12-megapixel rear camera sensor includes mechanically adjustable aperture, which can seamlessly switch between f/1.5 for low-light snaps and f/2/4 for capturing daylight images. There is also an impressive slo-mo feature that I can’t wait to test!

Then we have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, which represents the very latest technology. The S9 will also be one of the first Android handsets to include this chipset, enhancing its appeal among tech enthusiasts in the process.

There’s 64GB of storage and up to 4GB of RAM, along with an exceptional 3,000mAh battery unit, which should allow for an all-day usage.IP68 certified so it is dust/water proof over 1.5 meter and 30 minutes.


How will the Samsung Galaxy S9 rank in the premium marketplace?

With these points in mind, it would appear as though the Galaxy S9 is well-placed to compete aggressively in the premium smartphone market in 2018. But, and there is always a “but”, this handset must be considered in a relevant context, ability to claim a viable market share.

The most obvious competitor is Apple’s iPhone X, which despite some teething issues relating to higher production costs and lower than expected sales remains a key leader in the marketplace. Despite the “notch”, the Apple fans are rocking the X and loving that big beautiful screen and large storage.

Google is also expected to launch at least two Pixel 3 iterations this year, which are also expected to leave their mark on the premium end of the smartphone market. At the heart of this belief is Google’s recent £1.1 billion procurement of HTC’s engineering department, which has seen nearly 2,000 experienced designers join the search engine giant. This is expected to enhance the Pixel 3’s specification considerably, making it a major rival for the Galaxy S9.

Not forgetting that Android 8.0 from Google is expected soon which would likely mean that the Pixel 3 would run this latest Operating System. As a result, anyone buying a Galaxy S9 will have wait to receive this update, and this could sway customers.

So in summary:

Gone are the days when a new “innovative” phone meant a faster processor and a better camera. Today’s top tier premium phone need to offer more.

While Apple and Samsung slug it out, there are several other noteworthy competitors such as LG and some of the phones from China such as Xiaomi and Huawei which are slowly making their way up the phone ladder keeping everyone on their toes.

How will the Samsung Galaxy S9 fare? time will tell. Judging the reactions of the top influencers who have every gadget and phone under the sun, there seems to be a common admiration for the S9 that we haven’t seen in a while.  That is a good sign for Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is due for release on March 16th.

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