How to record Snapchat without holding the button ?

How to record Snapchat without holding the button ?



Snapchat is one of those apps that has a serious image issue. The old people think its for kids who are sexting, marketers know it is a “thing” but are unsure of how to use it, social media gurus are smugly saying “I told you so”.

I have been getting more and more into Snapchat and must say that I am starting to understand this platform and where it fits into the social sharing eco system.

Snapchat is not without its frustration which is a big turn off to those who are dabbling with the app. One of my frustrations was that in order to film your 10 second video you need to keep your finger pressed on the Snapchat button.

This is not always practical and sometimes you need both your hands to show an item or demonstrate something. The button is also located at the bottom of the phone screen which is where the microphone is located too and so Snapchatters sometimes have their hands over the microphone while recording which mutes the sound all together – I am totally guilty of doing that many times and having to re-shoot…

Realizing the the button is just a place holder for the Shutter Release, I experimented with various other ways to simulate this process and found these three hack that allow me and you to record your Snapchat video without holding the button:

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