How to make money on YouTube and get more views? Answered in the YouTube Secrets Book by Sean Cannell and Benji Travis

How to make money on YouTube and get more views? Answered in the YouTube Secrets Book by Sean Cannell and Benji Travis

When I speak with kids or teens and I ask “who wants to be a YouTuber?” 100% of the hands shoot up!

And let’s be honest – it is not a real surprise.

YouTube has replaced the TV. Our kids watch “shows” which are full high-quality production episodes and get invested in the characters and script much like adults do who are addicted to Grey’s Anatomy or Sherlock. Regardless if its videos on-demand or a Live stream with perfect YouTube overlay templates and chat boxes,  YouTube is the home for way more than you think. Check these out:

…to name but a tiny few – oh and I also met them so I feel it is appropriate to name drop here shamelessly – BOOM.

And that is part of the appeal.

When we were kids we loved our shows too, but the Hollywood stars were remote and the odds of us chatting with them were very slim; even slimmer if you lived outside of the USA. Today, kids and adults are invested in their favorite star’s lives that we can Tweet, DM, Message, comment and at times receive replies or even a shoutout! (this is one of the highest level a fan can achieve)

Who wouldn’t want that lifestyle? Imagine being paid to make YouTube videos and travel the world to adoring fans like a celebrity. That is a real reality. The “celebrity” lifestyle which was historically restricted to only the best actors who make it in Hollywood, is within reach to anyone who can film a video with their phone.

So many try.

But there is a catch.

While its true that anyone can film and upload to YouTube, not everyone can be a successful YouTuber.

I accept that the definition of “successful” is different for everyone. Some want to simply share their passion for underwater basket weaving (totally a thing – search for it), while others want to build a 6 figure income business from YouTube. Both are totally fine, but they do have certain elements in common – In order to build anything, you need to have a solid foundation and this is where the YouTube Secrets book begins.

The book is divided into two parts. The first part is all about the 7 “C” which falls under Strategy: Courage, Clarity, Channel, Content, Community, Cash, Consistency. Benji and Sean really go in depth into each one of the C’s and why they are important in order to level-up your YouTube game.

The second part is all about the action and tactics. Now that you have your 7 “C”s in order, you need to deploy tactics to execute so you can build your presence on the platform. Tactics such as how to leverage social media, collaboration with other creators, trends, team and how to scale etc.

So in summary:

The book has immense value for new people trying to get into YouTube and for existing YouTubers who want to level up. There is also lots of value for brands and agencies who work with YouTubers and want to understand the processes and mindset that a YouTuber has in order to create better content together.

There is value in parents reading the book to understand YouTube culture and what is required to make it before pulling their kids out of school to make a living online (seen a few of those that didn’t end well). There is also value in allowing aspiring kid YouTubers to read the book and really understand that it goes way beyond just hitting the record button.

It’s an easy read, with many nuggets of information and anyone who is creating video content should check out YouTube Secrets by Sean Cannell and Benji Travis on Amazon 

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