How Alcatel OneTouch became number 4 in the world

How Alcatel OneTouch became number 4 in the world

Alcatel Onetouch is now number 4 in the world

There is a sleeping giant that is starting to stir in the mobile world and this giant goes by the name of Alcatel OneTouch . At Mobile World Congress 2015, I met with Ernst Wittmann, Country Manager for Alcatel OneTouch for Southern Africa to get the low down of how exactly Alcatel is doing.


Ernst revealed that Alcatel OneTouch global position is at number 4 when including smartphones, tablets,ultra low cost phones an broadband devices. Looking just at smart phone, Alcatel OneTouch achieved the number 7 spot in the world which is not a bad feat considering it has only been going for the past 2 years operating in a very tough and competitive market.

In South Africa, in 2014 Alcatel OneTouch has closed off the year with just under 3 million devices being sold which represents a 310% growth year on year from 2013. In 2014, Alcatel OneTouch sold just under 2 million devices in which is a 700% increase in Alcatel’s smartphone segment in South Africa. During 2014, 300 000 tablets were sold too.

Why the growth?

Over the past two years consumers have realised that there are alternatives to high-end mobile phones on high-end contract without compromising on their mobile phone experience. No longer are cheaper phones seen an affordability stigma. Alcatel OneTouch customers are able to get all the rich phone features without the heavy price tag.

What is in store for 2015 ?

At Mobile World Congress, Alcatel OneTouch announced the launch of the Idol 3 which will be on sale in South Africa in June 2015.

In the highly competitive market, a decent sized marketing budget is key and Alcatel’s Vice President has announced a $100 million investment to support the Idol 3 smartphone.

Alcatel OneTouch is climbing up the the charts one rung at a time and seems to be getting stronger and stronger year after year as they set their target of being  number 3 globally.


Update: at Mobile World Congress 2015,  the IDOL 3 smartphone has won Pick MWC 2015 by Mashable, Android Authority and Android Central as well as Best of MWC 2015 by Know Your Mobile.

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