One less cappuccino today and help Hurricane Harvey victims instead

One less cappuccino today and help Hurricane Harvey victims instead

It’s bad. Real bad.

Hurricane Harvey has hit the southern coast of Texas bringing with it serious amounts o f rain which has effectively flooded many cities. Many people are left homeless and some are literally stuck in their homes as they are unable to leave due to the rising water. Rescue efforts are in full swing as authorities are appealing to people with boats to help rescue their fellow neighbors.


How can you help Hurricane Harvey victims?

Many people from across the country and the world have been asking how they can help Hurricane Harvey victims. If you are local, then donations of blood are essential. You can find more info here at the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center.  You can also volunteer your time at the many shelters set up to help those displaced by this disaster.

If you able to, monetary donations are needed as they can be put to good use and very quickly. However, as with every major disaster, one needs to be careful about money donations as scammers quickly set up web sites using images they find on social media trying to scam the public.

One less cappuccino and donate

How about having one less cappuccino today and donate that money instead to help? Here are some of the legitimate sites I found that are accepting donations for Hurricane Harvey:

If you can’t donate, at least spread the word…

Photo Credit: Headline image by NOAA GOES Project

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