DOUBLE your Android Mobile Hotspot Speed with one setting

DOUBLE your Android Mobile Hotspot Speed with one setting

One of the most underrated features on the cell phone is the Hotspot feature. This is especially useful if the local ISP is so slow or if it’s your only option to connect to the internet. But a mobile hotspot speed can be really slow. That is true until you change one setting that will instantly double your internet speed!

Here is what you need to know:

Why use a cell phone as a Hotspot?

Our phones have the ability to connect at amazing speeds such as 3G or 4G LTE. Obviously this is service provider dependant. So if your local Cable ISP is slow, you can take advantage of the phone’s mobile hotspot speed.

You might be that you are out in a coffee shop and don’t trust the public wifi which you shouldn’t without a VPN, so you can connect your phone and use that to access the internet – far safer

Another reason might be that you are traveling abroad and only one phone has data-enabled, so you can connect the other family or friend’s phones to your hotspot so everyone gets internet access.

Regardless of the reason, you need to make sure that your cellular plan allows for a hotspot connection to be made, be cognizant of your data consumption, and know that your phone’s battery will drain faster in Hotspot mode.

How can you make the Hotspot Internet Speed faster?

Here is a quick setting change that you can do in your Android phone that allows your WiFi to be nice and fast!

  1. Go into Settings, then look for Hotspot and Tethering.
  2. Enable the WiFi hotspot.

If this is the first time you are setting it up, tap on Hotspot name and enter a WiFi hotspot name. Next, tap on the password and enter a password – this is the password you will need to connect from your other devices.

3.  If you are on Android 8.1, tap on the three dots at the top and select Configure Mobile Hotspot and select Show Advanced Options. If you are on Android 10, just scroll down and select Advanced.

4. Select on Ap Band.

5. Tap on 5.0 GHz band preferred. (In Android 8.1 don’t forget to click on SAVE at the bottom of that screen.)

Why does this setting make your connection faster?

As we know 2.4 GHz is awesome for long-range connections when you are far away from the router, but at that distance, the connection speed is heavily reduced.

5.0 Ghz is great for short distances and you get much higher speeds.

Since you will have your phone right next to your device, now reason to use the 2.4GHz and this will give you that faster speed.

Speaking of ISP:

Do you rent or buy your router from your provider? Check this out to see which is better

Also are you sure your ISP isn’t slowing down your bandwidth on purpose? Here is how you can check


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