Arlo Pro 3 camera system packs a lot of security power

Arlo Pro 3 camera system packs a lot of security power

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Our home is our castle – or so the saying goes. And we need to protect our castle but instead of a moat filled with crocodiles, we set up security cameras. Coming from South Africa where security was always top mind, I knew what I wanted in a camera system.

The camera system will monitor the front driveway so I can keep an eye on my car and any visitors coming in. It also needs to keep an eye on the back yard as that is where my kids play during the day and at night I want to make sure the backdoor is being watched.

My must-have in a security camera includes a system that is simple to install, easy to use, works in low light conditions, and can be monitored from anywhere via an app.

This is where the Arlo Pro 3 from Best Buy comes in.

The Installation:

I am what you would typically call DIY-challenged. When I set up new home technology it has to be so simple even I could do it. I also want something that is quick and doesn’t take up my entire weekend.

The Arlo Pro 3 did not disappoint as setting up was a breeze.

All you have to do is connect the main Arlo Hub to your router with the supplied LAN cable. You then plug it into the power and while it is booting up, download the Arlo app from the app store.

The app just takes over and you follow the prompts on the screen. Each step is  accompanied by an explanation of what that feature does so that you are never left wondering what to do next.

Once the hub is set up, you power on the Arlo Pro cameras.

Arlo Pro 3 Should you buy it review App battery Arlo Pro 3 Should you buy it review App

Choosing a location:

Here is the cool bit – the cameras are wireless and battery-powered. That means that you can install them anywhere just as long as you have a decent WiFi signal and can physically reach the camera when its time to recharge the battery.

But how do you know if you have a decent WiFi signal? No need to guess as the app has a built-in WiFi signal indicator which showsArlo Pro 3 Should you buy it review battery the WiFi signal strength. That is smart.

As the Arlo Pro 3 is built to withstand heats, cold, and even rain, I could place them anywhere without worrying about protection for the equipment.

Before installing it, I look at the app to see what the camera can see so I can make any adjustments to the location. On the same screen, you can see the WiFi strength.

Once I find the ideal spot, the only step that is left to do is to mount the camera with the supplied bracket and the drill in a couple of screws. Even this bit is easy as the bracket has a mechanism that allows you to position the camera into its final spot after the bracket is mounted.

Arlo Pro 3 Should you buy it review -camera placement (3)

What makes the Arlo Pro 3 Camera system great:

There are several features that I really like on this system.

The ability to watch my cameras when I am not at home is a pleasure. Tap the camera you want to watch live in the app and you get a live stream.

If you are watching the camera on your WiFi, you can stream the picture at 2K HDR in vivid colors. You can also zoom into various areas of the image on that nice 160-degree field of view.

The camera does an amazing job of picking up images during the day, in low light conditions and even at night. When someone walks into the camera’s view, it automatically switches on its spotlight. You can also remotely switch the light on and off. If you do spot anything suspicious you can even switch on a siren and use the 2-way radio feature to “chat” with your new friends who by now would be running away.

The Arlo Hub has several modes: Armed – it detects motion. Disarmed – no motion is detected. Schedule – where you can manage when it will be armed or disarmed. Geofencing – which will arm or disarm the camera automatically the moment you arrive or leave the property.

Arlo camera will send you a notification as soon as it picks up people, vehicles, animals or even packages being delivered. You do need to sign up for the Arlo Smart 3 service but a 3-month free subscription is included in the Arlo kit.

If you want the Arlo Pro 3 to interact with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, this can be done too!

So in summary:

Make no mistake, the Arlo Pro 3 is a complete security camera system in a box. It has advanced features that you would normally find on a pro-grade system but without the insane price tag and complications. It even checks for any firmware updates so your system is always up to date.

The app is the core and that is userfriendly and couldn’t be easier to set up since it basically configures everything automatically.

If you are looking for a real solution from a reputable company that will last for years to come, I highly recommend the Arlo Pro 3 which is available from in white from BestBuy or in black from BestBuy

Arlo Pro 3 Should you buy it review

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