Let’s talk about the Cobra Chat Tag walkie-talkie, over.

Let’s talk about the Cobra Chat Tag walkie-talkie, over.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cobra FRS Usa. All opinions are 100% mine.

Aahhhh the great outdoors!

There’s nothing like the Great Outdoors; canoeing, biking, and boating; these activities brings our family together and reignites our bond.

While I love being away with the kids, I admittedly get nervous when they venture off on their own to explore – especially since such remote places lack cell reception.

What happens if they get hurt? What happens if they get lost? What happens if it gets dark and they aren’t back yet? Such questions really turn a nice, relaxing weekend to being stress-induced.

This is where I rely on tried-and-tested technology: The Walkie-Talkie.

No cell phone tower required

The big advantage of the walkie-talkie is that it doesn’t require a sim card or a cellular network to operate. Simply push a button, talk and release. The receiving walkie-talkie hears your message and sends one back. These voice messages are sent over a radio frequency and as long as the other walkie-talkie is “listening” on that channel, and it within range, it will hear the message.


Let’s talk Cobra Chat Tag walkie talkie

I got to try the new Cobra Chat Tag walkie-talkie, and it instantly became a game-changer and stress reducer.

Don’t let the size of the Chat Tag units fool you – these are fully functioning walkie-talkie with a range of up to 12 miles. That distance is reduced based on the terrain and line of sight (for example, immaculate service over a lake). However, in a more mountainous area, the signal starts to break up over greater distances.

The battery lasts up to 10 hours and it is charged via micro-USB. This makes it convenient as you don’t need to carry additional batteries or special docking station but can use your power bank to charge the units as you would your cell phone. As there are no Tweets, Snapchats or YouTube to kill the battery, I find that these units tend to last and last.

The form factor is superb. It is lightweight so doesn’t add any additional burden to your activity and is light enough to be worn on your jacket or raincoat. In addition, the antenna is built into the unit, unlike a traditional walkie talkie. It is circular in shape and has a strong clip on the back so it can easily be attached to a backpack or a life jacket.

The speaker is powerful and clear even in a noisy environment. If you want to use an in-ear headphone, you can plug one into the audio jack, which is useful if you are taking a nature walk and don’t want silence interrupted by a “This is papa bear – can you hear me,…over?” (Me being the papa bear of course!)

There is also no cost to talk as you have when making a phone call and you can pair up to any other walkie talkie on the market. When you do that, you can be part of the group chat via the “Push To Talk” button.

I also really like this feature as I can pair up my Cobra Chat Tag walkie-talkie with my neighborhood watch when I do my security patrol and let the controller and the team know about anything suspicious…

The Cobra walkie talkie is freedom

I love that we can disconnect from technology, but also keep safe at the same time without being those hovering “don’t go too far” parents.

Now when we leave town and head out to explore new places, the kids grab the one Chat Tag, we have the other at “base camp,” and they are free to roam around. They know to check in every once in a while, and by that, their usually asking when dinner is ready, along with a giggle.

Just before summer vacation, now is the ideal time to grab your own Cobra Chat Tag from Trekrtech or from Best Buy.

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