Aki Anastasiou predicts the disruptive trends that shape the business of tomorrow

Aki Anastasiou tells us what are the disruptive trends that shape the business of tomorrow

“If you fail to plan you plan to fail”

This is a motto I live by. This is a motto I preach to businesses that I consult to. You can’t wonder around aimlessly with the hope that you hit the target or close that deal or sell that widget. To achieve these tasks, you need to understand the factors that will make it happen for you. You need to plan for it so that it does indeed happen.

Today’s tech is changing so fast that businesses can no longer just keep an eye on their current competitors, but they need to keep an eye on everyone as everyone can be a threat. Look at Uber and AirBnB who are essentially  software companies that have shaken the transport and hotel industries around the world. These companies understood the trends that motivate people and that consumers are driving demand in our on-demand world.

Understanding trends is critical. This is what Aki Anastasiou calls the “Digital Tsunami” that starts off as a little wave and slowly builds enough momentum to shake this up. If businesses of today don’t look at trends of tomorrow they will fail.

Clare Mattes, wanted to find out more about Aki’s predictions of the future trends and what can Africa do about this Tsunami as this is part of Aki’s presentation at My World of Tomorrow:

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