4 ways to watch the Super Bowl for free and not on your TV

4 ways to watch the Super Bowl for free and not on your TV

The Super Bowl will be watched this Sunday by over 110 million people where Broncos take on the Panthers to take the coveted bragging rights for the special 50th Super Bowl. The entertainment is not just limited to the field but there are those now-famously insane expensive commercials that are indeed a show all to themselves. There is also the  halftime musical interlude which is where Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars will do their thing in front of those millions of people – which should make it one of the biggest audiences they will ever play to (no pressure).

While most Americans will catch the game on their TV or at Super Bowl venues, the new connected gen might opt to catch the game via their devices. This will put a major burden on both the wired and wireless mobile infrastructure as each household could have several devices sucking the bandwidth as they compete for connectivity at Game Time.

4 ways to watch the Super Bowl for free and not on your TV

If you want to catch the game here are your options:

  1. Via the Web: head over to CBS who will live stream the event so set your browser and watch or head over to NFL Now too.
  2. Gaming Console: If you have an Xbox  One, you can download the CBS App and stream the game that way. There is NO app for the PlayStation 4 console which is just sad.
  3. Connected Devices: If you have an Apple TV search for the CBS App and install that. Android Smart TV, Roku, Chromecast users download the CBS App from your respective stores.
  4. Mobile devices: No better time to be a Verizon Wireless customer. If you are, then you can stream the game via the NFL Mobile App on both Android and iOS. Enjoy wherever you happen to be.

Outside the US: If you want to watch the game but are not in the USA and are not using a VPN, you can purchase a Game Pass to enable you to steam the game too

If you want to get live info and see who is saying what, the follow the #SB50 hashtag on Twitter, Vine and Periscope and here are some accounts to follow on Twitter:


With only several hours to go before the game, check out this video by @Engadget who asked the players to name their favourite tech devices:


(WATCH) Which gadgets do the @Broncos and the @Panthers love the most? #SuperBowl50 https://t.co/pN06KWMXvA

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