3 must-have tools to becoming a better writer

They say everyone has something to teach. I do believe that.

Everyone has a unique perspective on the world, their own journey, their own triumphs, own failures and we can all learn from each other.

Working with some of the best YouTubers in the world, I am always blown away by their back stories and their journey that lead them to be where they are today – I just wish they would write it down for the rest of the world to read!

Some find writing a challenge but with a few helpful apps, this too can be mastered:

Don’t Copy

Ahhh the “Imposter Syndrome”. People who think that they are faking it and at any moment, they are about to be exposed for not actually being an authority in their industry. This is very common.

When people get started in sharing their thoughts, it is common to inadvertently use someone else’s work. While not setting out to intentionally plagiarize someone else’s content, just by being in your industry, you tend to pick up some of those methodologies/ sentences/ quotes and pass off them as your own.

Before you post your article, use the plagiarism checker by PapersOwl to ensure that your words are indeed your own words. This tool will check your content and offer information and assistance when you need it.

papersOwl checking tool

Vocabulary Builder App

This free IOS and Android app that helps improve your vocab. I like this app as it doesn’t bombard and overwhelm you just simply adds a new word each day allowing you to build your vocabulary. There is a  practice quiz too and even a challenge that you can play against other app players.

vocab app

Headline Analyser

When it comes to capturing a reader’s attention, a great headline is key. This too takes some time to master as there are various components that make up a clickable headline. You need to master a balance between using common and uncommon words, using emotive langue and power words.

Head over to: Headline Analyzer to see how you can improve your headline for maximum impact!

headline analyser

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