Google maps tips and tricks in 2018

20+ Google Maps tips and tricks you’re still not using in 2019

Most people just use Google Maps to get from point A to point B. After all, isn’t Google Maps just a portable GPS which you carry with you at all times vs. a car GPS that lives in your car?


If that is all you are using you are using your Google Maps, then you are missing out on so much functionality such as the ability to predict what the traffic will be like in three days times so you don’t miss your morning flight. You can also share your location with a friend or family so they can keep their eye on you or use that feature to meet up. Did you know you can use Google Maps to find Bigfoot, UFO sightings and the best-hidden beaches around the world? And you can use it find your car and even keep an eye on your parking meter!

All this and many more – so check out the ultimate Google Maps Tips for 2019:



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