10 things you need to know about the FNB ConeXis Phone and a cat ConeXis bonus tip too

10 things you need to know about the FNB ConeXis Phone and a cat ConeXis bonus tip too


While it seems like everyone (and their cat) has a smartphone, you might be surprised to know that according to First National Bank (FNB), smartphone penetration is only around 42% in South Africa. FNB, the bank voted to be the best digitally is attempting to close the gap between banking and telecommunications and has launched two new FNB ConeXis smartphones this week. This, along with a service that offers unlimited calls, has sent audible-gasps through the SA landscape.

With all the media attention and hype, mixed with plenty of fact and figures, its hard to tell what is really on offer and therefore Tiana Cline has been hard at work unscrambling through the info to bring you the FNB-must-know guide.


10 things you need to know about the FNB Phone10 things you need to know about the FNB ConeXis Phone and a cat bonus tip too

  1. First and foremost, you need to bank with FNB to get a FNB-branded smartphone. Not a customer? You’ll have to sign up first for a transactional account and you’ll need a FNB Connect Sim too. The ConeXis smartphones come bundled with an FNB SIM card and are SIM-locked to FNB’s network. Porting can be done in branch.
  2. There are two models: the higher-end 5.2in ConeXis X1 and the more affordable ConeXis X1.
  3. To get the ConeXis A1, you’re looking at R59 per month deal – this comes with 15 minutes airtime and 50MB of data. And for the 4G LTE ConeXis X1, it’s R150 per month with 25 minutes and 100MB of data.
  4. Both smartphones are powered by Android and manufactured by ZTE in China.
  5. The X1 has a 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front-facing one, while the 4in A1 has a 5MP rear camera and 2MP in the front – it also includes an FM radio.
  6. Each smartphone comes with a bunch of free accessories including a sleek back cover, in-ear headphones and a tempered glass screen. As an extra, the entry-level A1 includes a 2600mAh power bank and the X1 has an additional 16GB Memory Card.
  7. For either phone, you’ll first have to put down a refundable deposit – this set fee goes into Linked Savings Account and is returned with interest (!) after 24 months.
  8. Love eBucks? You can get a 100% rebate on your X1 monthly installments. Gold customers on eBucks Rewards level of 3, 4, 5 will be rebated R60, R90, R150 (100%) on the monthly repayment respectively. Premium customers will be rewarded from level 1. You can also earn up to 40% of your monthly cellular spend (dependent on your eBucks Rewards level).
  9. Each phone is software customised, which includes preloaded FNB App as part of the phone’s set up. Other features include pre-loaded educational videos all about mobile banking and FNB.
  10. No airtime to buy more airtime? FNB has zero-rated data usage for customer’s with cellphone banking. This means you won’t be charged to call FNB, bank using the app and can easily buy airtime and data bundles when you have no airtime loaded.


10 things you need to know about the FNB ConeXis Phone and a cat bonus tip too10 things you need to know about the FNB ConeXis Phone and a cat bonus tip too10 things you need to know about the FNB ConeXis Phone and a cat bonus tip too

Cat ConneXis Bonus:

With the launch of the ConeXis smartphone, the big blue bank also introduced FNB Connect Unlimited Calls. This allows subscribers – ConeXis or any other phone making use of a FNB sim – to make unlimited local calls to any network for only R399 per month. You will, however, need a FNB Gold account or higher to sign up for this new package.

10 things you need to know about the FNB ConeXis Phone and a cat bonus tip too10 things you need to know about the FNB ConeXis Phone and a cat bonus tip too10 things you need to know about the FNB ConeXis Phone and a cat bonus tip too

Disclaimer: Tiana was hosted by FNB in Cape Town for the launch

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  1. Very strange, updates for the phone is downloading perfectly, but it does not install.
    What could the problem be?

  2. Please can enyone help me my phone keeps enlargeing the screen when i dubbel
    tap or back space does enyone know how to get rid of it please please i
    ts so annoying to type like that

  3. FNb Why dont you ever reply to our complains,that is just shittish services for a company of your size

  4. You cannot do screenshots… You cannot save any apps onto your SD Card. very little internal storage. I have a 32gig sd card and i cant save any apps onto it.

  5. To take a screenshot you must hold in the sound off button and the power off button at the same time.

  6. I can take screenshots? I hold in the power button and the sound off button at the same time

  7. Also struggling with share it please assist, can’t receive Apps using share it.

  8. The volume is very low I hardly hear ppl though I have pressed it up to the last level… Conexis A2… Any help ppl. Or is it a factory fault?

  9. Which one are you useing i have conexis 2 my screen is broken can u call me so i buy yours to fix my please 078707448

  10. my phone lcd screen is broken can some one tell me were to get it fix please 0783707448

  11. My cellphone has felt down and screen got broken and I can’t see anything, how can I get its screen and is costing how much?

  12. I can’t listen to voice mail, when dialing 144 or 132 it just hang up please assist

  13. My X2 has a problem, the home button is not working and the minimizing button. What to do I do? I’ve been restarting the phone, even romoved my screen proctetor

  14. Mine is showing favor desk top not working.. . No icons all apps disappear. How to get them back on desk top? 0842506004 I my name is Jerry. Conex1

  15. yhoooo total joke of a phone , cant screenshot . you cant buy etym and data anywere , when you buying the data and airtime is also got limits ….. My rare camera is not working …..I think FNB should stick to banking not the phone . This is a sheety fucking phone that will frustrate the hell out of you . or I forgot the network when you dont have a data just dissapears .Im encouraging my friends to never buy it

  16. To move files from device to SD card you have to go to the files like any other android phone and then choose the option “migrate data” all your files will move to SD card once u opt to migrate

  17. To take the sim out you have to use the pin which came with the phone in the box…under it on the side of the pin whole the until the sim card kicks out on its own

  18. On my phone i tried to migrate data but it says insufficient space but i have a 32gig memory card. The place were it says “save location” that is grayed out so i can’t change in order to save my stuff on my memory card. How do i fix this.

  19. uploaded the photos from my computer but they dont appear on my gallery. They only appear on my files on phone storage

  20. What a total turn off phone> Conex2 You can’t buy airtime or data anywhere else beside on ur account. The Volume is very low. It doesn’t allow you to use other simcard beside fnb one. It’s just frustrates me and I’m stucked with it for 2yrs. They refused to take to take it back even though their 7 days grace period hasn’t passed. Not happy at all with this device

  21. Pls help me …does anyone have or know where i can get a sim tray for ConeXis 2 ..need it desperately pls .. im Robyn 0842221337

  22. How do I transfer files from phone to SD card on the X1 it says storage space running out I have deleted my apps and pictures but still nothing seems to work

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