Snapchat makes it easier to add friends with a personalised link

I have been using Snapchat to understand its usage and place in the world. Therefore over the last week at SXSW conference in Austin Texas, I used Snapchat every day to record and report back on each session I attended. Initially it felt like I was talking to myself but slowly my friends list grew and I started to see that with every snap, I was getting more and more views.

One of the issues (and I have several with Snapchat) is that its not so simple to find people to follow. Currently, you need to know other Snapchater’s username or be able to add them via taking a screenshot of their Snapchat ghost. This is an issue especially if you are new and looking for inspiring people to follow.

So how do I get my Snapchat username out there ?

Besides advertising my username and sharing my “ghost” on my various platforms, I discovered is that you can share your own username for others to add you with a LINK (URL). This feature creates your own customised link which you can use on any social media or email – you can even share it via WhatsApp too.

To activate this and find your own unique link:

open Snapchat, pull down on the camera screen, select Add Friends, and tap on Share  Username. You can now select an app that you wish to share your link which is where you will see the url.  My custom link is (TheTechieGuy is my username). Note: Snapchat only works on a mobile phone so clicking on these URL from your computer will not work.


Same interest same location

Another cool feature is one that allows you to add Snapchatters that are in the same proximity as you are. This is a great way to make new friends as you are in the same location presuming sharing the same interest. In my case it was the SXSW event but the same would work at a music event or even a bar/ club/ social setting.

To activate this feature:

Open Snapchat, pull down on the camera screen, select Add Friends, and tap on Add Nearby.


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