Winning Christmas For Kids by Casey Neistat, Samsung, Judy and Benji Travis!

Winning Christmas For Kids by Casey Neistat, Samsung, Judy and Benji Travis!

For some, when December rolls around, it is a time for family, friends, gifts, celebration and time off from work. Jolly Santas at the malls, stunning lights decorating people’s homes and Jingle-style music pumped through every speaker at every location.

For others, its a completely different scene. It is a time of year that really reminds them of being lonely, not having anyone to spend Christmas with, not having money to buy gifts for their kids, and WISHING they had work instead of taking time off from it.

This is why I love some of the amazing charity work that some of my YouTube friends are doing this time of year to help those who are less fortunate – especially when it comes to helping win Christmas For Kids!

368 & Casey Neistat’s Holiday Toy Drive 2018

One of my long-time favs OG YouTuber (and a reason I moved to the USA from South Africa, but that’s another story) is Casey Neistat.

He and Samsung are supporting the Boys and Girls Club of America by asking people to come by 368 in New York (368 Broadway, New York, NY 10013) and drop off toys for kids between 10 am and 2 pm ET. Those who aren’t in NYC are asked to donate using Crowdrise at this link:

As a Bonus for making a donation, Casey and Samsung have created 100 unique custom Galaxy Note 9 which will be given away to 100 lucky people.

“With your collective support, we are furthering the Boys & Girls Club’s efforts in helping young people achieve success” For more info here is the official page with the rules, conditions etc

#Dancember: Dancing for Donations

#Dancember is a LIVE annual fundraiser where Judy Travis from itsJudysLife and Benji Travis challenge their community of YouTube friends to dance and donate to help make the future for kids better.  Knowing Benji and seeing his passion for helping others is not only inspiring but addictive – not sure that’s the right word but it is an accurate description of wanting to do more for others.

Judy and Benji have partnered with Save the Children who work with children in the USA and around the world – especially during crises such as natural disasters, wars and unthinkable conditions where children are the most vulnerable. “We do whatever it takes for children – every day and in times of crisis – transforming their lives and the future we share.”

As I am trying this, I am watching a 24-hour live stream where Judy, Benji, and friends are dancing for 24 hours to raise awareness for everything #Dancember stands for:

To donate: just head over to the Live Stream and you can donate via the Live Chat on YouTube or head over to Save the Children page and donate there.

Worth noting that 100% of your donation goes to Save the Children and YouTube covers all transaction fees.

Christmas For Kids – Grab your credit card now!

This is an ideal time of year for a bit of reflection – a personal Year In Review if you will.

If you look at your own 2018, you will recall the highs which are made into a fabulous animation by Facebook showing you how amazing your year was. You might also recall some lows too which is ok too.

I would like to encourage everyone who has a spare couple of bucks, to support these or any other charities. One less cappuccino for you can mean a child gets to open their very first present EVER or a child gets their first sip of clean water without walking miles to the nearest river.

Let’s be better – regardless if you celebrate Christams of not!

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