Traffic Management is the unsung hero that makes your home-delivery possible during this pandemic

Traffic Management is the unsung hero that makes your home-delivery possible during this pandemic

It takes a lot of coordination from the time an item is “checked out” on a website to the time it arrives at your front door.

One thing that this pandemic has done is accelerate the home-delivery services. Retailers have had to quickly adapt in order to meet customers’ high-demands who are, by-enlarge, staying at home and relying on websites for their shopping needs. In order to meet this demand businesses that offer delivery services, rely on advanced traffic management solutions to get their products or services to their customers on time.

Here’s how advanced traffic technology can help businesses of all sizes and it all relies on smart IOT tech and loads of data to help manage the entire process.

What Is a Smart Traffic Management System?

A smart traffic management system is an advanced traffic system that is used to effectively and safely regulate traffic using sensors. Traffic systems use these sensors that are placed on the main road to aid with responding to and controlling different traffic conditions using traffic lights.

The objective of smart traffic management systems is to:

  • Improve traffic flow by reading day-to-day congestion
  • Prioritize traffic using real-time changes in traffic
  • Reduce pollution by limiting the number of traffic jams
  • Improve traffic incident response time by using an advanced monitoring system to manage traffic incidents
  • Prioritize the use of buses throughout the city to maintain a steady traffic flow

How Many Components Make Up a Smart Traffic Control System?

The three components that make up smart traffic systems are:

  • Smart traffic lights
  • A central control system
  • Queue detectors and cameras

Smart traffic lights calculate traffic conditions every two seconds to determine if traffic light activity needs to be adjusted. The queue detectors and cameras provide the control system with real-time traffic information that helps control and monitor busy roads. The central control system helps reduce pollution and improve the flow of traffic effectively.

What Is the Function of Smart Traffic Signals and Lights?

Smart traffic systems and lights are responsible for minimizing or preventing traffic jams and the time cars spend at empty intersections. These signals update in real-time and are able to identify various traffic patterns and conditions. These advanced traffic signals help improve the flow of traffic by:

  • Detecting Traffic Congestion – Traffic lights and sensors collect valuable information that helps keeps vehicles safe while traveling. The information the sensors collect is used to influence traffic patterns.
  • Synchronizing Traffic Light Activity – Multiple sensors are placed at different intersections to gather accurate information regarding the current traffic conditions to ensure a safe and effective flow of traffic.
  • Updating Traffic Light Timing – Smart traffic lights adjust their activity according to the needs of real-time traffic conditions. Before this innovative technology, traffic lights used timers to regulate traffic, which was not as effective as smart traffic lights.
  • Suggesting Ideal Driving Speeds – Some smart traffic lights can provide drivers with an ideal driving speed that allows drivers to maintain a specific speed and reach the next light when it’s green, which helps regulate traffic.
  • Prioritizing Transportation Flow – Public transportation takes precedence over private vehicles, which helps ambulances, buses, taxis, and cyclists get where they need to go quicker.

With all this in mind, next time you receive your Amazon Delivery, know that IOT tech and smart management system all came together to get that parcel to your front door!

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