The inflatable Luci Light is a powerful solution to a serious problem

The inflatable Luci Light is a powerful solution to a serious problem

What do you do when the sun sets and it becomes too dark to see? Simple. You flick a switch and a light illuminates the room and the darkness is no longer a problem. But what happens if you have no power? What do you do if you are told that there will be no power for several days? or even several months?

This almost unthinkable scenario is real. While we hardly give a second thought to having electricity available at a push of a button, 1.5 Billion people around the world, most in developing countries, don’t have access to reliable, safe and affordable energy.

This means that when the sun sets, life stops. Everything is more dangerous at night. Even simple things like walking from A to B become a slow process as the eyes can not see and send a “danger” signal to your brain. In most cases, the only option is to light a fire in a lamp using kerosene, however, kerosene is not only expensive but it is highly toxic and is usually the cause of massive shack fires that destroy informal communities.

Having lived in South Africa where a large section of the population lives below the poverty line, horrific stories of informal homes destroyed by kerosene fire were common.  This most recent one occurred on the March 11th, 2017 where 650 homes were destroyed by fire in Mandela Park – There has to be a better solution!

Direct Energy and MPOWERED have teamed up to deliver Luci Lights to these communities through Direct Energy Give Brighter 12 plan. Luci Lights are durable, waterproof, lightweight, safe and are solar powered – so no batteries are required. A fully charged light can brighten a room for up to 12 hours!

To use the Luci light, simply leave it in the sun so it charges the internal batteries. Inflate the light and press the power-on button and choose your light settings (regular, high, flashing white or flashing red)

The Luci Light from MPOWERED will be distributed to people across the developing world including areas such as Kenya, Haiti, Philippines, and Nepal, whenever anyone signs up for Direct Energy Give Brighter 12 plan . So you get power (and with Direct Energy you can even manage and track your own power usage), you get your own Luci light and you are directly providing a Luci light to a community that really needs it.

You can SEE this is a win/win situation!

For more information check out the Give Brighter 12 Plan




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