The BEST Halloween tech gadgets – Decoration Ideas 2019

The BEST Halloween tech gadgets – Decoration Ideas 2019

Halloween is around the corner! It’s time to head into the attic and find the box marked Halloween Decoration. As you dust off the years of spider webs, lanterns, ghostly skeletons, you may be asking yourself if its time for Halloween tech gadget update to make Halloween even more SPOOKteculuar!

The best must-have Halloween Tech Gadgets in 2019

Haunted Projection Decoration:

This one from AtmosFX is so much fun! You set up a projector, download some Halloween scenes and simply project this onto your wall or window. Regardless if you are into zombies, ghosts, or blood-written messages appearing on the wall, this has everything you need!

Check it out the AtmosFX projector on Amazon here

Animated Spell Book:

Let’s start off with this insanely haunted self-writing book animated spellbook. As the feather moves around it lights up and even makes creepy scary noises.

Powered by 3x AA batteries means you can place it anywhere and have a lot of fun with it!

Check it out the Halloween Spell Book on Amazon here



Halloween Purge Mask:

With this mask, you will stand out. Wear the mask, flip on the switch and the mask lights up. It has 4 modes: steady light, slow flash, fast flash and of course, off. It comes in various colors too. You will need 2 x AA batteries(not included.)

Check it out the Halloween Spell Book on Amazon here

halloween 2019 light up mask

The one-eye doorbell:

Before those trick or treaters can get their candy, they have to get past this eyeball animated doorbell!

If they tap the doorbell, the eye opens and makes a scary sound. Dare to come in?

The eye-ball doorbell is powered by 2xAAA batteries and is 7.48×5.91(in) weighing at just 250g

Check it out the Halloween eye-ball doorbell on Amazon here

Halloween 2019 doorbell

The Zombie out of the ground:

This one is a bit freaky! It looks like the Zombie is coming out of the ground making zombie-like sounds. The best bit, is that it is only activated when there is sound or any motion around it! That is when the sound starts and the eyes begin to flash red.

It requires 3 “AA” batteries (not included) and will light up your graveyard scene.

Check it out the Halloween Zombie on Amazon here

halloween 2019 zombie


Chainsaw Anyone?

What is Halloween without a chainsaw? This rusty-looking and very bloody chainsaw is a great addition to the madness. It makes chainsaw sounds and there is even a chain that rotates around the blade!

Dimensions: 16 inches long x 6 inches tall x 4 inches wide and requires 3x AA batteries (included)

Check it out the Halloween Chainsaw on Amazon here

halloween 2019 chainsaw

Do you have a Halloween Tech Gadget that I should look at? let me know in the comments!

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