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When it comes to getting our news and information, we have several options.
We can read: so head over to

We can watch: so head over to TheTechieguy’s YouTube Channel

or we can listen: So this is where the Talking Tech Podcasts series come in. Download to your phone or stream it as you sit in traffic and be the Tech guru “hands free”:

I discovered this powerful medium when I hosted the Talking Tech show on CliffCentral where over the course of around 18 month, I hosted a weekly 1 hour show. Thanks for the guidance from Gareth Cliff and Rina Broomberg this ability to chat freely and openly about every topic has changed South African broadcasting forever. I will always be grateful for that opportunity.

Now that I am in the USA, I will continue with the Talking Tech Podcasts. I will be interviewing and chatting to industry leaders, start up entrepreneurs, venture capitalist, CEOs of corporations to find what makes them tick. What makes them special in their respective industries. How can we learn from the best so we can be one of them too. How does technology impact everyone’s lives and as always – making sense of the complex wold of technology so all of us can understand.