what is BenQ ScreenBar PLUS lamp and will it alleviate your eye strain?

No matter if you are working on your next proposal or coordinating your team in Fortnight season 6 or studying for your upcoming SATS, today it’s not uncommon to spend […]

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futuristic tech

Futuristic Tech that is here already

Whenever I speak at an event about the state of tech and the future possibilities of technology, I always get the same two questions: “When will it get here?” and […]

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self driving car

The driver-less future has already begun

If I told you a couple of years ago that you will be able to get into your car, punch in a destination, and the car will drive itself with […]

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AT&T launches a Flying COW to assist during disasters

We have all heard the figure of speech “when pigs fly” which means something is impossible, but for AT&T where nothing is impossible there is a flying COW! The Flying […]

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why I left CES irritated and frustrated

CES is seen as the roadmap of what we can expect from tech in the upcoming year which is why thousands of people attend the expo from across the globe […]

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Two guys and a pizza app

WARNING: the following will make you hungry for pizza and reach for the app…. What do you get when you mix two guys and business post grad class? PizzApp Born […]

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8 important factors to consider before purchasing an electric skateboard

  One of the rewards of writing this Blog is that I get to travel to various cities and countries around the world to report on the various tech as […]

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The Geeks-Tech-High club are coming to Africa but you need an invitation to join

What do you get when you put a bunch of executives, investors and generally smart people on a plane and fly them to Africa? You get Geeks on a Plane […]

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