chatbot in eCommerce online retails

Why use a chatbot and which one should you choose for your online store

Automation – that is a key component to success. The more you can automate, the better your systems are, the happier your customers will be. I recently had two experiences […]

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5 tech tips for all business owners

5 tech tips all business owners should consider in 2019

The saying goes:  “The only constant is change.” This is especially true when it comes to the evolution of technology and its impact on everything – especially on conducting business […]

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Three challenges of selling tech online

“Its easy – you just load a bunch of items onto a website, add a plug-in and within minutes you can sell your electronics and compete with Amazon.” This was […]

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Christmas Tech Gift Ideas

Your Last-Minute Christmas Tech Gift Guide Ideas – Amazon to the rescue!

It happened again but I wasn’t surprised. Every year around this time I get this question: “What tech gift would you recommend for Christmas for a tech guy/ girl?”. There […]

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Bitdefender keeping you safe

Give the gift of constant online protection

Note: This is a sponsored post but always all opinions are 100% my own: Barely recovering from Cyber Monday, the credit cards are out again It’s December and the panic […]

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Why is Visa Checkout the answer to all last-minute shopping woes

NOTE: I am told that absolutely no husbands, kids or cats were hurt during these events. Tiana Cline reports: When you’re a working mom, you try – and try hard – […]

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10 Must Do Steps to Improve Your Mobile Commerce Strategy

Look around and count the number of people who DON’T have a cell phone. Chances are that it’s a pretty small number as today we don’t leave home without keys, […]

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Gamers have an incentive to become an Amazon Prime customer

oh oh –I have discovered the goldmine that is Amazon. Being from South Africa, I have used Amazon in the past, however there were always three issues. The first  was […]

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