5 tech tips for all business owners

5 tech tips all business owners should consider in 2019

The saying goes:  “The only constant is change.” This is especially true when it comes to the evolution of technology and its impact on everything – especially on conducting business […]

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Three challenges of selling tech online

“Its easy – you just load a bunch of items onto a website, add a plug-in and within minutes you can sell your electronics and compete with Amazon.” This was […]

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Christmas Tech Gift Ideas

Your Last-Minute Christmas Tech Gift Guide Ideas – Amazon to the rescue!

It happened again but I wasn’t surprised. Every year around this time I get this question: “What tech gift would you recommend for Christmas for a tech guy/ girl?”. There […]

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Bitdefender keeping you safe

Give the gift of constant online protection

Note: This is a sponsored post but always all opinions are 100% my own: Barely recovering from Cyber Monday, the credit cards are out again It’s December and the panic […]

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Why is Visa Checkout the answer to all last-minute shopping woes

NOTE: I am told that absolutely no husbands, kids or cats were hurt during these events. Tiana Cline reports: When you’re a working mom, you try – and try hard – […]

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10 Must Do Steps to Improve Your Mobile Commerce Strategy

Look around and count the number of people who DON’T have a cell phone. Chances are that it’s a pretty small number as today we don’t leave home without keys, […]

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Gamers have an incentive to become an Amazon Prime customer

oh oh –I have discovered the goldmine that is Amazon. Being from South Africa, I have used Amazon in the past, however there were always three issues. The first  was […]

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Mi phones will be gone in a Flash

Brace yourself. The South African market is about to radically change with in the next 48 hours (give or take). In August we were told that Xiaomi mobile phones will […]

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