How can I help your business ?

Every day we are bombarded by million bits of information so our brain filters out what is important and discards the rest. Ads fall into the discard pile as we know that companies are only going to say great things about their own products.

So how do we buy today ? – Recommendations.

When we are about to make a buying decision we start off at the Google Search Box where we research the product or service. Want to know from other people what their experience has been like with that same product or service.  We want their  recommendation based on a real-hands on experience.

Getting a recommendation is the most powerful tool a business could have.

This is where I come in.

With TheTechieGuy Blog, YouTube, Podcast and social media channels, I am able to tap into the audience and discuss, review and showcase your product.

Don’t Know where to start ? 

Don’t worry – I do.

I advise companies on how to engage and tap into this new world of always-connected-socially-sharing-tweeting-snapchatting consumers. I advise companies on how to connect with consumers and how to be recommended

I help companies with:

  • Social Media
  • Corporate strategy
  • Research into Mobile & Technology Trends (in Africa and Worldwide)
  • Business and system processes

I am also able to facilitate strategy workshops & research talks.

So if your business would like to tap into these services and , please give me a call or email and we can see how I can help you reach your audience: [email protected]

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