I broke it and now its iFixed

I broke it and now its iFixed

I broke it and now its iFixed

It happens to everyone at some stage. To some people it happens more often then others. I didn’t know it even happened. I unpacked my bag after coming home from a particularly long day of meetings where I noticed that the screen on my Samsung Tablet was totally smashed. How it happened or where it even happened is beyond me.

I suppose our device are mobile and therefore portable and by definition are going to suffer more knocks and bumps than those old-world devices known as Personal Computers that never leave the Desktop of the office. So therefore we have to accept that at some point they are going to take a beating.  The question is what can we do to protect our devices ?

I broke it and now its iFixed

Get a good cover

This is an obvious one but amazing how many people don’t do it. You device is an expensive kit usually valued in the thousands of Rands so why would you risk that device by spending R30 on a plastic cover from the Chinese market? There is a reason that covers in the various cellular shops cost a couple of hundreds of Rands – they work. Real- accessory companies spend time and money to research materials that will protect your device in case of a fall or a bump. The cheap ones are simply plastic with cut out where the camera and buttons are.

Screen Protector

Even though phones have Gorilla Glass with varying degrees of protection, screens remain the most fragile component of the devices. A screen protector is a thin sheet of plastic that is stuck to your phone’s screen which provides that extra layer of protection.

There are some “privacy” screen protectors too which not only protect your screen but your information too. These types of screen protectors only allow the reader to view the screen and not those around who can glance at the phone.

Pocket Phones

Sticking your phone in your pocket seems to be common “carrying” way however this could results in the phone being scratched. Having a cover and the screen protector will minimize that. The one no-no is having your phone and your keys in the same pocket. Keys are nasty and scratch through protection devices leaving nasty gashes and scars. Same applies with putting your phone in your purse with your loose keys, small change and the worst offender – the nail file.

Its broken now what ?

Even after being super careful with your devices, they can still break – just as mine did. I had it in a case with a protector and what seems to have happened is that something got caught between the cover and the screen and it shattered the screen.

Avoid at all cost going to those seemingly cheap repair shops. While they are cheap, there is n o guarantee of quality or parts. In some cases they steal the original parts in your devices and replace them with counterfeit parts. They they sell your original parts which are worth much more.

If your device is under guarantee, of course take it back to the dealer and they will take care of it for you.

I broke it and now its iFixed

Mine was out of warrantee so I took it to iFix store in Melrose Arch. The process was simple and painless –they check in your device, take down the information, ask you for your device PIN or Passcode if it locked (of course you can change that when you get your device back). Once it is completed, you are sent your reference number via SMS and via email. The Melrose Arch store doesn’t fix Samsung Tablet so they sent it to the Clear Water store which does.  The device arrived back and looked brand new and is back in usage !

Repairing devices can be expensive; which is why you have that one mate with a broken screen for the past year. Therefore, iFix store have a PLUS membership where for R69 per month you can sign up and avoid paying these kind of costs when your device malfunctions:

  • Cracked Screen – R2299
  • Touch malfunction – R2299
  • Power issues – R699
  • Liquid Damage – R400
  • Charging Port issues – R699

There is also a family plan which cover you for 5 devices for R299 per moth.

So while we all try to be extra careful with our devices, in the event when something happens, you know you have a reliable partner that understands your pain and frustration.

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

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