How to hide our dirty WhatsApp pics and other WhatsApp tricks

How to hide our dirty WhatsApp pics and other WhatsApp tricks


WhatsApp is just one of those must-have apps that keeps people connected around the world. While most people use it for simply sending messages back and forth, here are some other tips and tricks you can do with your WhatsApp.

Hide WhatsApp images from Gallery

We all have at least one friend who keeps sending images they shouldn’t (if you don’t have one – then its probably you !). As WhatsApp automatically saves each and every image, this can be embarrassing when you casually swipe through your image gallery and these images pop-up.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, you can instruct WhatsApp to hide all your images from the gallery !

To do this, download a File Explorer app from the App Store. Navigate to the WhatsApp folder. Select Media and then select WhatsApp Images. There you will need to create a file called .nomedia (including the full stop in the front). Now all your images will still be saved on our phone, but will not pop up in the phone’s gallery.

To get those images back, simply delete the .nomedia file.

5 WhatsApp tips and tricks

Save Space – Stop Saving

If your phone is starting to become sluggish and the battery seems to be draining faster than Zuma’s reputation, it might be because your phone is running out of storage space. WhatsApp can be blamed as by default, WhatsApp is set to save every image you receive. The more groups you belong to and the longer you use WhatsApp, your phone’s storage start to suffer as every video and picture is automatically saved to your device.

Switch off automatic saving of images and video by going into Settings, Chats and Calls, Media auto-download and deselect images/ videos.

This is particularly useful when trying to save money on your Data bill. You can set it to only download images when you are in  a WiFi zone.

5 WhatsApp tips and tricks5 WhatsApp tips and tricks

Where are you ?

5 WhatsApp tips and tricks

“where are you?” is a common phrase. But the day of giving directions are basically over as one of the best features of WhatsApp is being able to send your current location to anyone. Simply start a chat with the person you wish to share your location with, select the paperclip (on Android or the up arrow on iOS), and select Location. The mapping system will try to identify your location. You can then share your location with the contact where all they have to to is tap on the location and their mapping system on their phone will begin to navigate until they reach you.

5 WhatsApp tips and tricks


Turn off Read Receipts

How dare you not reply to a message that I see you have read ? There are two blue ticks !!!

People are demanding our attention 24 hours a day which is unreasonable. In order to keep some level of privacy (and sanity), you can switch off the Blue Tick notification by tapping into Settings, Accounts, Privacy and untick the Read Receipt. Now you can return to your dinner/ bathroom activity/ date without needing to reply ASAP to every message.

5 WhatsApp tips and tricks

Group Mute

if your phone is vibrating and buzzing more than an adult-film star’s toy, its time to shut-up those Groups you belong to on WhatsApp. Open the Group Chat, tap into Setting and select Mute. You can choose for how long you would like to Mute the group for.

During this “mute time” you will still receive the messages so you won’t be missing out, but you will not be bugged every time there is a new images/ discussion/ brain-fart in the group.

5 WhatsApp tips and tricks

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