How to choose the best cell phone contract for you and your staff

How to choose the best cell phone contract for you and your staff

How to choose the best cell phone contract for you and your staff

Next time you walk past a mobile phone shop, notice the queue of confused looking people holding brochures starring blankly at the sales people who are trying to explain the different types of mobile contracts. Contract A includes B data, C minutes but not on weekends and twice during public holidays except when it falls on a Tuesday during every 2nd leap year. Any questions?

eh…what ?

It is virtually impossible to compare contracts within the same network, not to mention trying to do the same across rival networks. Each contract offer different services and bundles with and without phones thrown in for “FREE” so a straight Apples-for-Apples comparison is not feasible.

How is one suppose to make a decision of which contract suits you best ?

This is exactly the problem that a company called Tariffic! is aiming to resolve.

The Tariffic service consists of high-end data crunching and analysis software that analyses  corporates cell phone bills and produces a report on how much money the company could be saving if they change their staff’s mobile phone contracts to the right ones. The system doesn’t simply take the globular mobile phone figure but looks at each individual’s spend on voice, data and SMS and then suggest the most optimised contract that would suit that person. the company pays R600 per line to be analysed after been shown a report of how much they company would save per month.

The same service will soon be available to individuals too.

I met with Antony Seeff, Tarrific!’s CEO to chat about the system:




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