Hands on with the HTC Desire 626

Hands on with the HTC Desire 626


HTC is known for its top end premium product with the likes of the HTC One M8 and then the HTC One M9. These are complete with metal casing and serious sound. HTC introduced the front facing speakers which are now iconic with the HTC brand.

Today I check out the HTC Desire 626 which is HTC’s mid-tier phone.

The HTC Desire 626 run HTC’s Sense 7.0, ontop of Android 5.1 on a 5 inch LCD display.

The Desire’s body is made from a high grade glossy plastic which has a great finish that is smooth to hold. Having used the M9, I kinda like this plastic feel from HTC over the cold metal. The Desire is well made with no flex and feels sturdy enough to take on the day’s usage.

It has a slot for the SIM and MicroSD which supports up to 2TB of storage to help enhance the 16GB internal storage.

Along with the volume rocker and power button. It has a non removable 2000mAh battery that easily last the day as it powers the Snapdragon™ 1.2GHz Quad-Core processor.

The camera is an 13MP rear camera and 5MP front facing cam which snaps decent photos under ideal conditions. The camera does suffer under low light conditions and the pics can be washed out.

Overall, here is a cool little device for kids or those early teens who are getting their taste of a smartphone without breaking the bank. It will do those Instagrams, Snapchats with no issues whilst allowing kids to have access to the web, Whatsapp oh and make the odd call here and there.

The HTC Desire 626 is available from MTN from middle of November at R269 per month over 24 months and will include 30GB data once off. Just in time for summer where those 30GB will definitely come in handy.

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