Hands-on with the BlackBerry secure Samsung tablet at CeBIT 2015

BlackBerry announces a tablet but it is only for those who care about securityBlackBerry announces a tablet but it is only for those who care about security

When we think of BlackBerry, there are two opinions – those that are continuously counting down the days to the BlackBerry demise and those that see a future. The death of BlackBerry has been announced by analyst and experts for years and yet they are still around proving them wrong.So when BlackBerry announced a new secure tablet, this was not surprising as much as that the tablet is actually a Samsung tablet.

At CeBIT in Hannover Germany, I managed to secure (pun totally intended) an interview with none other than CTO and Managing Director of Secusmart Dr. Christoph Erdmann. Secusmart is the company that BlackBerry purchased for their cryptography skills, as they brought together to BlackBerry the ability to completely separate our Work and Play lives with BlackBerry Balance.

This system has now been expended to allow non-BlackBerry devices, such as the Samsung Tab S, to have similar functionality that BlackBerry devices have. Still have access to apps, play games, retrieve emails knowing that sensitive work information is kept secure and way from prying eyes.

Is this tablet for everyone ? No. Will people compare this to the Playbook ? Yes. Will there people who continue to misunderstand security and compare this device to a cheap tablet on the market? Yes. However, those CEOs, Executives, Presidents, Government officials and others will happily pay the price tag for a secure tablet verses having to explain to TV camera crews about how they were responsible for information leakage that jeopardised their country or company.

Dr. Christoph Erdmann gave me the insights into the ins and out of this tablet:

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