Chocnology 3D printed KitKat chocolate sculptures

Chocnology–3D printed KitKat chocolate sculptures

Sometimes you get a phone call that begins as an Unknown Number and ends up taking you on a strangely exciting journey. This is what happened when I received a call from a Digital Agency called NATIVE VML.

The call went something along the lines of:

Native: “you heard of Android Kit Kat right ?”

Me: “I am a techie – for sure”

Native: “Great – we have an idea for world first thing.  We take KitKat chocolate and make 3D art with it. You keen ?”

Me: “Eh…I think we have a bad line. I could have sworn you said you want to use a 3D-printer to print 3D sculptures made out of KitKat”

Native: “Exactly !”

Me: “You are friggin nuts – but count me in !”

A handful of people from different walks of life and professional backgrounds were chosen to come up with a design that could be printed in 3D with chocolates. Bearing in mind that choc is fragile, has limited ability to hold together for long periods of time, and of course it melts ! The artist are: Joey HIFI, Marchand Le Roux, Arno Kruger, Muti, Rene Roussouw, Hans Fouche, Orijin, Am I Collective and then there is me.  I am the techie amongst the group of creatives and illustrators and architects – so NO PRESSURE for me being a technical person with no design bone in my body !!!!

Fast forward a bit of time/ meetings/ designs/ phone calls/ emails and  Chocnology was born!

Tonight is the official opening of the first exhibition of 3D printed chocolate sculptures which is made entirely out of KitKat chocolate.


The event will be open to the public until the 10th of November 2013 and is located at the Museum Of African Design (MOAD) in Johannesburg’s Maboneng Precinct. Of course there is a Twitter #Chocnology hashtag that people can use to share their experiences and thoughts. (be kind <gulp!>)

Here is my artwork: The Munching Android  – an Android popping out of an iPad 🙂

Munching Android Munching Android two

More pics from the event later, but in the meantime – check these out:

Update – check out the yummy artwork:
chocnology artwork chocnology artwork chocnology artwork chocnology artwork chocnology chocnology artwork  chocnology artwork  chocnology artwork chocnology artwork chocnology artwork chocnology artwork
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