CES 2017: Defend your home from hackers with the Bitdefender BOX

CES 2017: Defend your home from hackers with the Bitdefender BOX

Each year, there is one event that famously sets the tech scene for the upcoming year and that event is known as CES.

The annual event, now in it’s 50th year, is held in Las Vegas where every geek across the entire spectrum of the tech and the non-tech world, descends on the city for several days and nights of information overloads.

CES is divided into three official venues, and within each venue, spread across multiple floors, there are thousands of exhibitors all showing their latest offering to the world. This is not including offshoots events such as the AT&T Developers Summit, Pepcom or Showstoppers, which all happen around CES.

There is no way to take it all in – so where does one even begin?

For me, I look for trends.

I look for technology that has a direct impact on our lives, and aim to hunt down the vendors and exhibitors that provide the best solutions in those areas. While I don’t have it all figured out just yet, there is an instant trend that I am constantly preaching about: security or should I say, the lack of IT security when it comes to the home network.


Secure your home with a BOX

We constantly connect more and more devices to the WiFi without giving security a second thought. There are now gaming consoles, smart appliances, security cameras, baby monitors, kids toys, in addition to the usual tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Tech savvy people can configure firewalls to keep the bad hackers out but unfortunately, those who are not so savvy simply follow an on-screen wizard to set up their devices.

This is not good enough.

I use a BOX.

To combat these multiple devices constantly using my WiFi, I use a BOX. Not just an ordinary “box” but this is the Bitdefender BOX whose sole job is to keep the network safe. It can detect items such as phishing sites, fraud, malware and even help prevent data theft.

The cool thing about the BOX is that all you need to do is plug it in, download an app onto your mobile phone and set it up.

I uploaded a pic to my Instagram feed and immediately people were intrigued. Clearly, there is a need for a slick, plug-and-play method to protect all the home devices.

I happened to mention that I am heading off to CES and instantly the Bitdefender social team invited me to their booth where they tease news of a newer BOX!

CES is getting exciting!

Disclaimer: Bitdefender and I are going to work together during CES so be sure to check out my Twitter and other social platforms for news and real-time updates from Bitdefender.



Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

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