15 epic Telegram Tips and Tricks everyone should know

15 epic Telegram Tips and Tricks everyone should know

Bye-bye WhatsApp and hello Telegram. If you are finally done with WhatsApp and decided to move over to Telegram – welcome!

I know it may seem like the entire world runs iPhones, but the reality is that iOS smartphone share worldwide is around 15% and Android share is around 85%.

In the US iPhone is pretty popular and so iPhone’s IMessage has been the predominant texting and communication method. However, in the rest of the world which is predominantly Android, WhatsApp became one of the biggest instant communication tools.

In fact, it became so big that Facebook bought it in 2014 for $19 billion.

Here are 15 Top Telegram tips and tricks that you need to know about:

Why are WhatsApp users leaving?

It seems like many WhatsApp users are switching over to Telegram many citing the latest WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update as the main reason. Privacy Policy Update as the main reason.

WhatsApp Privacy Update

Back in 2016, you had the option not to share your data with Facebook. Many users didn’t opt-out and for years their data has been fed to Facebook. Once again, WhatsApp updated its Privacy Policy but this time there is no opt-out.

There is no “do not allow”.

Either accept it by Feb 8th 2021 or stop using the app. Simple as that.

WhatsApp has clarified that the WhatsApp messaging encryption is untouched. Facebook can not see your communications. However, other bits of info is up for grabs by Facebook.

whatsapp shares info on data

What info does Facebook collect from WhatsApp?

I have no idea who put this together, so can not verify or credit the author, but this was sent to me and seems to collaborate many reports. So take this chart with a grain of salt, but I think the message is clear – Facebook collects WAY TOO MUCH data.

telegram vs signal vs whatsapp vs facebook data collection

So – welcome to new Telegram users!

If you are still using WhatsApp, check out how to read deleted WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messages!

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