Alcatel OneTouch IDOL3 smartphone rocks at Mobile World Congress 2015

Alcatel OneTouch IDOL3 smartphone rocks at Mobile World Congress 2015

From being able to communicate with our family and friends to work related emails to personal diaries, family pictures and our music. These all seem to live harmoniously on our mobile phones. Knowing this, manufacturers are  targeting their designs and specifications to ensure these areas of our lives are catered for when we are mobile.

At a pre-Mobile World Congress launch event, Alcatel ONETOUCH, has revealed their latest IDOL 3 smartphone which has a strong focus on a beautiful screen, music, camera and seems to be aimed at the young-hip-party goers who want a cool and functional device.

Its all about da bass

The device is ready for the audiophiles  who want their music loud, clear and in surround-sound. The IDOL 3 comes with two front-speakers backed by JBL audio with Clari-Fi technology that gives users the power of professional hi-fi audio components in the palm of their hands. The ONETOUCH MIX music app allows users to mix tracks right on the device , can mix the tracks themselves or let the app do it automatically.

But first let me take a selfie

The IDOL 3 has a 13-megapixel rear camera with a large aperture for low light. A front camera with a wide (84°) viewing angle which is ideal to cram more people into those “look where we are” selfies.

The camera Auto Scene Detection mode automatically adjusts contrast, exposure and colour to compensate for the  lightning condition when snapping the pic.

The IDOL can shoot HDR real-time video at 30 frames per second.

I’ll drink to that

For those people who get a bit tipsy after a couple of shots of favourite Chocolate Vodka, IDOL 3 has a unique feature: it is 100% reversible . Therefore no matter which way you pick up the phone it will automatically adjust the display so you can find your Uber app and get home safely.

Of course the feature works just as well as you pick up the phone off the boardroom table where presumingly  no alcohol was consumed .

Other Specs:

The IDOL3 will come in a 4.7” quad-core CPU and HD screen model or a 5.5”octa-core CPU and a full HD screen model.

Both run on Android Lollipop, have a symmetrical design for complete reversibility complete with 4G LTE.

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