Add moving images to your shoes with an app

Add moving images to your shoes with an app

When we say wearable technology, it usually means a smart-watch or glasses of some description. Not anymore.

What if you can take technology and add it to a shoe? Not to measure your running distance, but to change your shoe design at will – this is exactly what Shiftwear is.

Shiftwear are sneakers (or Takkies if you are from Vereeniging, South Africa) which have a color E-Ink screen that connects your mobile phone and an app. You can send any design or animation from your mobile device to the sneaker which gives your shoe a whole new look:

The possibilities are endless. The shoe is effectively an empty digital canvass that you can manipulate form your app. Walk down the high-street showing your company’s logo, then rock out at the club and change your design to a funky retro anime. Play a YouTube clip on your sneaker whilst you are chilling on the buss for everyone to see and instantly change it to corporate black or grey before entering the boardroom.

Shiftwear is also discussing a Designer Marketplace where designers can sell their unique custom designs to other Shiftwear shoe wearers. Smart!

The battery lasts 30 days as the screen uses E-Ink tech (like your Kindle and other e-readers) which doesn’t suck battery like digital screens do.  To charge the shoe (there is something you didn’t think you would have to say), you can use wireless charging or use walk-to-charge tech.  It also gives the flexibility that is required with the shoe surface. The shoe is waterproof up to 5 meters, machine washable, with Kevlar Fiber coated soles.

Before you shout TAKE MY MONEY (as I did), Shiftwear is an Indiegogo project that has already surpassed its initial price target of $25 000 and is now on $343 432. It is said to shift in “the Fall 2016” but as we know by now with some of these high tech projects, there are usually delays. In some cases, these don’t make it at all to market.

If you are still shouting TAKE MY MONEY, head over to and Get the Perk !


Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

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