8 must-have Chrome extensions in 2019

8 must-have Chrome extensions in 2019

Our web browser is not just a simple way to “browse” the internet. Those days a long gone. Today’s web browser is an integral part of our daily lives and is typically the start of our connectivity, our research, and our entertainment.

According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, “As of February 2019, StatCounter estimates that Chrome has a 62% worldwide browser market share across all platforms.” It’s no wonder that Google allows developers to create “Extensions” which are essentially programs that work within the Chrome browser. For example, if your grammar and spelling are shocking, you might install Grammarly. A student might install a browser extension for a paper writing service. Looking for the best travel deals? install an extension that keeps a lookout for those deals for you.

Chrome Extensions you should know about in 2019:


Click&Clean, optimizes your browsing experience with a single click. Clear your browsing history, cached files, work logs, and even scan your device for viruses. Just saves you having to dig around your Chrome settings to do the same tasks.


With FlowCrypt extension, sending encrypted emails has never been more reassuring. It uses Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) for a secure and private email conversation.


When you have bitly enterprise plan, your social media marketing gets a facelift. It is another chrome extension every marketer must have in 2019. Shorten the links and share your posts across different social media platforms with great ease and convenience.


It is particularly useful for bloggers and content marketers who want to track the performance of their posts. Just click it, and start analyzing the metrics such as social shares, engagement, and performance of backlinks.


With One Tab, there are no more worries about having to open many tabs when doing research. Everything is in a single tab for a quick access, and you can be sure it would boost writing speed given minimal distraction.


Start.me is another must-have extension for your chrome browser. No more blank tabs lying idle. Use Start.me and populate unused tabs with widgets, bookmarked WebPages, videos, news feeds and photos. Start.me lets you put everything inspiring in one place.

Giphy extension for chrome

Whether you are posting updates on social media, creating a blog or sending an email, this makes communication fun and engaging.  Simply do a search for animated gif and add some pizzazz!


How can I not mention my own vidIQ company’s extension? If you are a YouTuber and want to know how to grow your channel, get more subscribers, then this is a must-have.

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