5 Ways Your Smartphone Keeps You Healthy

5 Ways Your Smartphone Keeps You Healthy

With the pandemic still raging on, keeping healthy has arguably never been more important. I am glad to see that more manufacturers are including Wellbeing and Health Apps with their phones so that we can find a balance between being in front of our computers all day and keeping ourselves healthy.

Frankly, we need a break!

While there are tools such as a standup desk to get us up, we need things to get us moving too so check out the ways our smartphone is helping to keep us healthy:

1 – Use an exercise tracker

The most obvious way that a smartphone can help is that it will supercharge your workout. Many of the apps that are available for tracking your fitness make it a fun challenge and help you stay motivated to keep moving.

Just download the app that works best for what you need and then throw the phone into iPhone 11 Pro Max running armbands and let them track your progress.

You can track things like steps, calories burned, distance and help you compete against your best time on a particular route. But, the best way to get the most out of a fitness tracker app is to set up an online profile that allows you to compete with others on the same app.

You end up creating a community of people that aren’t just trying to beat their peers, but also help them achieve their fitness goals.

2 – Use a calorie tracker

The second best way to get to a healthy weight after getting enough exercise is to manage your portions and eat healthy foods that are nutrient-dense. And a great way to be able to do this is to use our phone to help us along.

There are many apps that will help us track calories and even come up with some healthy recipes for us to eat. You can set up a sort of point system that allows you so many points per day. Every type of food or recipe has a point value. When you hit your points allotted for the day, you are done eating.

With a QR scanner, you can even just scan a particular food item and understand exactly where it fits into your diet thanks to some of these apps. This makes eating healthy easy and no problem with sticking to it.

3 – Take advantage of the timer

One of the simplest apps that goes by unused is your timer. This is an integral tool in staying healthy.

If you sit for long periods, you can set your timer to buzz every 45 minutes or so in order to get you up and moving around for a few minutes. Take the time to do some stretches or go for a quick walk before sitting back down and doing it again.

If you are doing some stretches then time how long you are able to hold a particular stretch or pose and then try to beat that time the next day.

Sometimes its the simple things that really make a difference and the phone’s timer is one of those things.

4 – Manage an illness or condition

If you have a chronic or long term illness, then you should have an app that helps you manage it. There are a number of ways that an app can do this. For instance, in the case of a diabetic, your blood tester can be connected via bluetooth to your phone and read your results and then send them directly to your doctor. Any abnormalities can set an alarm and give you some tips on what to do next.

It may even give you alerts on when it is time to take some insulin or help you manage your diet.

Many of these apps can even handle things like storing your results to make comparisons, keep track of your doctor’s appointments and even track your prescription refills. Many people with serious medical conditions have a lot of information to juggle and a smartphone can act like a personal health assistant.

5 – Track your sleep

A good night’s rest is essential to keeping you healthy. When you are sleeping your body takes advantage and uses the time to restore its damaged cells and repair tissue and even your mind.

When we don’t get enough sleep we end up with a lower immune system and that means we get sick more often as it’s difficult to fend off illnesses.

A sleep tracker can help you figure out if you are getting enough sleep and then give you tips on what you can be doing to reset your body clock to get more sleep.

So in summary

Thanks to the advance in technology, you can manage and improve your overall health easily with the tiny health tracking smartwatches. We have to remember to unplug and live our lives without too much of a dependence on them. If you can’t go “cold turkey” by disconnecting completely, then check out the Palm phone which still keeps you connected but you aren’t fixated on the device.

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

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