This smart doorbell detects motion, body heat and requires no DIY

I am not what you would call “DIY”.

I mean I can change a light bulb and hang up a picture or two but that’s pretty much my skill-range. So when I wanted to purchase a “smart doorbell”, I ran into a problem. The ones I looked at all required that dreaded word: Installation. Installation of the hardware type (software I can handle). All these devices required running wires and connecting to electric outlets and DC/AC power and and and and. And at that point I normally switch off.

But I still wanted a smart doorbell. So at CES I found the answer I was looking for from Olive & Done who sent me their RemoBell.

What on earth is a smart doorbell?

We are living in a time where everything is getting connected to make our lives easier. The lights are connected to an app so you can dim the lights when you tap the app. The garage is connected to an app so you can open and close the garage from anywhere in the world. You can access your security camera the same way and even give your dog a treat when you are at work with a smart-pet-feeder. A smart doorbell is a doorbell that is connected to the WiFi network, the internet and an app.

RemoBell is a smart doorbell

Firstly, RemoBell requires virtually no installation skills. There are no wires. No electricity to deal with as RemoBell is a self-contained unit that is powered by rechargeable batteries. The only “installation” required is to insert the supplied batteries and screw in a couple of screws. That’s it.  The rest of the installation is done via the RemoBell app where you add your info and connect the RemoBell to your WiFi.

Now, whenever you have a visitor, they push the doorbell button and it not only makes an audible “ding-dong” sound,  but it also switches on a 720p video feed and sends a message to your phone. You can now see the visitor and chat to them from wherever you happen to be in the world and the video recordings are stored in the cloud.

This RemoBell doorbell detects motion, body heat and requires no DIYThis RemoBell doorbell detects motion, body heat and requires no DIY

The RemoBell is equipped with sensors. It has an Ambient Light Sensor which automatically adjusts the brightness to conserve battery life and a Passive Infrared Sensor which detects motion by sensing body heat. Therefore, the RemoBell can also double up as a security camera at it starts to record when it senses movement.

RemoBell App RemoBell App RemoBell App

So in Summary:

With  zero installation effort required, and the security benefit you get along with being able to keep tabs on your front door, the RemoBell is an attractive package.

It is available at $199 from

*Disclaimer: Olive & Dove  sent me the RemoBell

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