Don’t get ripped off – its free: how to extract or export email address from outlook folder

Back in April 2008,  I wrote a post on how to simply follow a couple of steps and you can extract and export all the email address from an Outlook folder without having to copy and paste each address.

Subsequently I followed that up with a couple more free Tools and Tips on how to :


It is now 2011 and I am shocked to see that there are still various utilities and application that you can BUY on the web that do exactly what the above do for free.

I have been told via Blog comments how people were about to spend as much as $199 for an application to extract email address from outlook folders – what a rip off !

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  1. I know I’m commenting on a post that is over a year old… but, any idea how to extract email addresses from sent/inbox folders from Outlook 2011 for mac?

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