Casey Neistat helps Marlan break the GoFundMe target within hours raising over $137 000

If you know what YouTube is (and who doesn’t) then you know of Casey Neistat who is the most entertaining-addictive-vlogger that we can’t get enough of. Casey has a specific style of video which usually includes skating around New York on his boosted board while filming himself with a bent gorilla-type tripod and the now-mandatory time-lapse and drone footage. And we just want more of it.

In fact, when Casey releases a new video (which he does every day) within hours there are hundred thousand views and by the end of the day, videos exceed a million views. Not surprising that his channel has over 5 million subscribers and he is one of the most well know personalities on the Tubes.

So why am I telling you all this?

In Casey’s latest video titled “he needs a little help”, Casey’s thumbnail is a picture of the “UPS guy” and the video starts by Casey asking for people to help Marlan . Marlan has been paying for his sister’s medical bills who is currently suffering from diabetes and kidney disease. Casey suggested Marlan starts a GoFundMe account to help raise some money – which Marlan does. Casey asks the audience to contribute and leave a link in the description of the video.

Marlan exits and Casey continues with his usual video…

Hours that changed lives

What happens next is the power of fame and a loyal audience who represent the good in humanity.

Within minutes, the funds started rolling in and reached $10 000.

Within the next hour, it more than doubled and messages continued to roll in.

Some of the messages include:

Casey Neistat helps Marlin break the GoFundMe target within hours

Casey Neistat helps Marlin break the GoFundMe target within hours

Casey Neistat helps Marlin break the GoFundMe target within hours

Casey Neistat helps Marlin break the GoFundMe target within hours

At the time of writing this post, this is the status:

Casey Neistat helps Marlin break the GoFundMe target within hours

So Marlan has now over $137 000 to take care of his sister all due to Casey simply asking the community to help and the community from around the world, doing exactly that. A couple of Dollars (and some prayers) and lives were changed.

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t

There are those who will criticize Casey for promoting this cause versus promoting other worthy causes. This is the internet after all and everyone is an armchair expert about everything. Casey’s amazing gesture changed Marlan’s life by taking a couple of seconds out of his video to tell the world about the issue. Casey then left it up to the community to do with the information what they wished. And the community came through in a big way.

The collective power of the good people around the world wins every time. Unfortunately, it’s always the minority bad that gets the most air time.


  1. Correction.
    Goal was 30k but as the money kept flowing in they made it bigger and bigger. Eventually stopped taking dontations at 151k.

    • I agree – but you know main media prefers blood, violence and tears….Casey did a good thing for a fellow human being and changes lives. Why would that be newsworthy???…grrr

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