Disclosure Policy



TheTechieGuy.com was founded in order to provide the reader a realistic view of gadget, devices and all other tech related product and services.

However, whilst spending time and money to bring you these reviews and information, we obviously incur expenses and therefore have to monetize the website. We do this by:

1. Sponsored links: Occastionally we would refer to a company or brand’s website with a link in a story that we are paid for. We will mark that post with the word sponsored.

2. Sponsored post: if we are invovled in a campaign that requires a blog post, we will mark that with the word sponsored. However, we only post items that we belived have real value, somoeone can learn something from it or is intressting. We do not accept sponsored post for items that do not fit this criteria.

3. Review Posts: we are given devices or products to review. Most of the time these are returned to the brand after the review period. Should we know in advance that the device is been given as a gift we will disclose that in the post.

4. Tweets promoting paid for posts will include #ad .

5. Trips: At times we are sent on trips with the brands – be it local or international trips. We will mention that in the article too.

Authenticity is key

All items on the site must adhere to our core values. Post must do one of more of these items: Be Newsworthy, Be able to Learn from it, Be Interesting.

We will always be honest – no product is 100% perfect and no product is 100% flawed. We will tell you our experience with it. We are not for sale.