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You can’t complain about the service – there is none !

This is going to be a bit of a rant about the constant bad service that business in South Africa give customers.

Every time I am confronted by this I am completely blown away – is there SO much work out there that they don’t want your business ???

You call the Plumber to come sort out some issues – they don’t return the call.

You call him again – this time someone takes a message and promises to call you.

You call again – this time he says he will come out to see you on X day and Y time – you wait, he doesn’t pitch.

You call again – he comes up with some excuse about truck being broken and when you ask why he didn’t feel that he needed to let you know so you don’t waste your entire day waiting – no answer and the ability to speak English suddenly vanishes.


Don’t think this applies just to small businesses – this applies to large ones too !

You call the Medial Aid helpdesk to query your account – ring and ring and ring and then you are number 10,000,000 in the queue and an operator will be right with you. “But”, says a friendly American voice, “Should you not wish to wait simply hit the Start key and we will call you”

Wow – you hit the Start key, leave your cell number and….Nothing. No call (Big surprise)

You call them again, this time you can use the “friendly website and we will attend to your query”

Two thing – the website is so complex its anything but “friendly” and second – I am still waiting for them to attend to my query which I logged online, via email, by voicemail and as soon as I train my courier-pigeon this will be next.

You can’t complain about the service – there is none !

So what is the lesson here ?

Make sure your business doesn’t fall into this category. Make sure you have the integrity to honour your commitments. I am not saying thing always go according to plan – but the responsibility to deal with them. Customers will appreciate it and will respect you for it and what’s more, will use your services again and again and refer you to their mates.

This is why we always ask our friends first if they “know of a good plumber/ electrician/ builder/ dentist etc. ”

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Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

Liron Segev is an award-winning tech blogger, YouTube strategist, and Podcaster. He helps brands tell their stories in an engaging way that non-techies can relate to. He also drinks way too much coffee! @Liron_Segev on Twitter

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