Will HTC release a senseless version of the HTC One?

HTC has been going through a bit of a rough time. Poor financial results posting its lowest quarterly profit on record according to Bloomberg as well as high profile resignations such as the resignation of Kouji Kodera, HTC’s Chief Product Officer and Jason Gordon, the company’s vice president of global communications. Both hot on the heels of its flagship product – the HTC One.

The latest set back is the HTC First. Initially, Facebook Home was due to be released only on the HTC First phone but it seems that following poor sales of the device has resulted in Facebook Home been made as a download on the Google Play store. A massive price cut of the HTC First from $99 to $0.99 is also a sign of ailing sales. According to Engadget, HTC First is now “on hold” and will not be sold in the UK until Facebook improves its Home experience.

So what about the flagship product: HTC One ?

The HTC One is a great device (my review here) which was expected to sell well. According to an unnamed executive source at HTC, 5 million units of the HTC One have already been sold. Not too bad for one month worth of sales and whilst HTC does not comment on sale-number in South Africa “There has been a strong demand for the HTC One in South Africa and the phone has received strong review from the media”

The HTC is a stunning device, it is priced well and has superb features but yet people don’t fall in love with it so quickly. From my own personal experience with the device, and from chatting to others, the software seems to come up again and again. People love the HTC One as a device but not everyone loves the HTC One software – the HTC Sense overlay. Many users are complaining that it is limited and often frustrating.

It is rumoured that HTC has been keeping its corporate ears open and are hearing the same software-feedback. Even though HTC has denied it, there is a rumour that HTC is going to make an announcement soon about a new version of the HTC One – Vanilla One. This will be the loaded with Android 4.2.2 with the hope that a more standardised version of the operating system will attract more people to the HTC One.

Now this makes sense to me and should this happen, the HTC One will shoot up as a real high-end contender.

HTC One hardware with a more “Googlish Androidish” operating system will surely appeal to move customers. I just hope that the HTC One software enhancements such as the Camera software, BeatAudio and Zoe will remain as these are the hallmarks of the HTC One.

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