What is in the BlackBerry 10.1 update for the Z10 ?

BlackBerry 10.1 update

We have been waiting and it looks like the wait IS over – Every BlackBerry Z10 owner will soon be getting a notification to update their software to version 10.1.

This was just announced at the BlackBerry Live conference in Orlando by Thorsten Heins, President and CEO.

Having used the BlackBerry Q10, which already has the 10.1 operating system, I have been exposed first hand as to what we can expect with the update.

Here are just 5 items we can look forward to in BlackBerry 10.1:

  1. The Camera Software: Time Shift mode is still a key feature of the BlackBerry 10 devices and in 10.1 there is now the additional option of a HDR shooting mode. This allows the camera to shoot the most optimal photo taking into consideration factors such as light and dark spots, tone and exposure.
  2. PIN Messages:  PIN to PIN messages has now been added into 10.1. This allows for direct messaging between BlackBerry smartphones. Messages will appear in the HUB.
  3. Email Attachment: With 10.1 the way messages with attachments to other messages has been enhanced.
  4. Contact Personalisation: There is an improvement in the way you can customize ringtones and even the iconic LED light to personalise notification of message for contact that you set up.
  5. Edit Cursor: BlackBerry 10.1 has a more accurate facility to edit the text that you have typed. A single Tap will bring up the “target cursor” which you can drop where you want to edit. Since there are no “arrow” keys, just tap either the left or the right side of the circle to move left or right by just one character.

Get the 10.1 update:

The 10.1 update will be made available over the air. To get it simply wait for the notification in your BlackBerry Hub or you can force the phone to manually check for the update by clicking into Setting, and then taping on Software Update. As soon as it is available, it will prompt you to download it.

May I suggest a full phone backup first for that “just in case” reason. Also, ensure you have full power on your phone so as not to interrupt the download or even worse interrupt the installation process – this could be catastrophic.  Only download it over a WiFi connection to ensure stable connection.

The update is free and will be rolling out around the world with the various cell phone carriers over the coming weeks.  I just hope the South Africa gets the update sooner than “coming weeks” !

UPDATE: moments after publishing this article I hit the software Update button and it prompted me to download 10.1 !  it is 306MB in size so a WiFi connection is a mustIMG_00001283

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