What is in the BlackBerry update ?

There is “techie” excitement that comes over you when you randomly check your mobile phone for software update and there is one !

I randomly pressed the Software Update button on my BlackBerry Z10 and I get presented with this screen:

BlackBerry BlackBerry

So what is in the Blackberry software update ?

This update is known as the 10.1 RE (maintenance release) version where various “issues” are fixed based on bug submission and user feedback to BlackBerry.  Its great to see that included in this update there are several requested features which are now added to the 10.1 OS

Some of the highlights are as follows:

  • A personal gripe I had (and it seems like others had too)was having to go back to the messaging list when I want to move between emails. This is no longer the case:  On the Z10, just swipe to the right and then down (like you are making the shape of the number 7 ) to move forward to the next message. Swipe to the right and then up (backwards L) to move back to the previous message.
  • If you wanted to lock Z10, you would have to use a “word” as your password. Not sure why you couldn’t use number. Now you can with a support for simple passwords. Simplified password entry from the lock screen utilizes a reduced keyboard layout containing only numeric characters and allows you to set a numeric PIN for your smartphone or work space password.
  • If you have a BlackBerry Q10 Pressing the ‘u’ key in the BlackBerry Hub will take you to the last unread message (no such luck on the Z10)
  • Email options now allow you to keep your mail on your phone for an unlimited time period (yay!!!)  and there are improvements to ActiveSync and IMAP syncing preferences.
  • Various improvements on the BlackBery Word such as Search improvements to help you find the apps, games and multimedia content.
  • There is a new wish list feature that helps you keep track of apps you want to download.
  • You can now enable the Two factor authentication for Twitter and LinkedIn where you will be sent a verification ID via SMS that you’ll enter into the settings when setting up those accounts.
  • Addition of a search field in BlackBerry® Remember: quickly search for items in the app


For the full list of updates check out this link


How to get the BlackBerry  update ?

The software update is rolling out around the globe as follows:

  • Asia Pacific: Starting July 29th
  • Canada: Starting July 29th
  • EMEA: Starting July 29th
  • Latin America: Starting Mid-August (check with the carrier)
  • U.S.: Starting End of Summer

Keep tapping the Software Update button on your phone every once in a while to see if it has arrived in your country.

Backup Warning:

There are varying reports of software issues that occur just after this update. These range from minor to major.  As always,  before you install any updates on any phone, make sure you have a complete backup – just to be safe.

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