What are the 5 types of Selfies and are they bad ?

The 5 types of Selfies

Word: Selfies

Definition: Taking a  picture of yourself whilst holding the camera at arms length or whilst pointing the cell phone at the mirror.

Purpose: Sharing  your gorgeous pic with your friends using social media such as Intagram, Facebook & Twitter as well as  Photosharing sites Pineterest, Flickr, Tumblr and not forgetting about Instant Messaging apps such as BBM, SnapChat, WhatsApp & WeChat.


Besides making you cringe, are Selifes really that bad ?

In the technologically connected world we live in, Trends are never official until a research has been conducted. The University of Birmingham, University West of England and the University of Edinburgh conducted a field study into “selfies”. They concluded that there is a serious side to posting these kind of pics where people who post too many pictures of themselves risk harming their relationships with their friends.

According to the lead researcher in the study, Dr. David Houghton , a rift between the selfies-poster and recipient develops depending on the content and quantity of these pictures.

People who post these selfies often forget that not only friends can see these but depending on the privacy settings, other people can see them too. This elicits comments and remarks which can lead to negativity as these friends of friends don’t “get” the selifes poster.

This research affirms the German Study that concluded that people who view pictures of friends’ new cars, new babies, vacation pics, new homes and pictures of evenings out can lead to depression as the viewer feels something is missing in their own lives and become envious of others.

The 5 main types of Selfies

Whilst there is no signs that this trend is stopping, here are 5 types of Selifes that out there and what they mean.

* Note: These pics were found on the net with no privacy settings but I obscured their faces to try save some dignity…

1. “I’m Sexy and I know it” – this is where the poster knows they look amazing/ incredible/hot and want everyone to see it too. Usually this pic lands up becoming their profile picture when they get the “wow girl/guy –you are stunning” comments.

The 5 types of SelfiesThe 5 types of Selfies

2. “Peace Out” – this is where the poster want to show everyone their free-love-spirit as they pull the 60’s style Peace sign in every pose.

The 5 types of SelfiesThe 5 types of Selfies

3. “Look where I am” – this is where the poster casually happens to snap a pic showing the fun/ exciting/ exotic location they happen to be at. And the rest of the friends are not.

The 5 types of SelfiesThe 5 types of Selfies

4. “Body Part” – this is where the poster feels that one part of the body is good enough to be shared. the receiver of the pic will put the rest together.

The 5 types of SelfiesThe 5 types of Selfies

5. “Through the Mirror” – this is where the poster takes a photo in front of the mirror using the phone’s rear camera. The photo always shows the phone too.

The 5 types of SelfiesThe 5 types of Selfies

So in Summary:

Long before the Internet and Social Media people have been sharing family portraits with friends and family. It turns out that even these studies confirm that no matter how many pics you post, your close friends and family remain unaffected and don’t have a problem with chronic-sharing. So no chance of upsetting granny or your Bestie.

So selfies are here to stay. If you must take one, the golden rule to follow is the same as with everything else on the internet – don’t put out there anything you don’t want displayed on the front page of tomorrow’s newspaper!


*Image from ShutterStock.com

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