Vista 32-bit or 64-bit – that is the question ?

I have been asked

“which one is better 32-bit or 64-bit. My computer has support for 64-bit but I wondering what is the difference. People say Vista 64-bit make your computer working more efficient but I don’t know if it is true. “

hmmmm….good question….

Historically there has been serious issues with running 64-bit edition of OS such as XP. There were drivers issues, software that just wouldn’t install,  hardware issues and obviously cost issues.

Even though these have been greatly improved with Vista my personal take on it that unless you need the serious oomph for mega RAM, stick with the 32-bit.

My 64-bit experience for a personal computer left me very frustrated and just when I thought I worked out all the kinks, new ones came in. Things as silly as reading a USB memory stick gave me so much grief I eventually emailed the files to myself ! This kind of frustration I can do without thank you very much…

There are still issues with:

1.    Drivers – you will find be forever searching “Uncle Google” for drivers – huge pain !

2.    Backward compatibility – it struggles to run 32-bit applications (its amazing to know that inside 32-bit apps there are still 16-bit code lying around from windows 3.x days !)

3.    There are issues with software that is not Digitally Signed not being able to be installed.

Yes, the 64-bit is more secure and even faster and if you are in a environment that requires the RAM (like graphic design, engineering, architecture etc.) and are installing Vista, the 64bit will handle it.

However, if you are a “regular” user with Word, Email,  Game, Music etc – I don’t really see the NEED to install the 64-bit version.

64-bit has come a long way and at one stage we know that the 32-bit will not longer exist and only 64bit will be king but until then…I am not convinced for a personal machine to have this…

Paul Thurrott writes an awesome article on this subject:

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